Penguin next to expeditioner’s pack.

The summer chefs at Casey are cooking up a storm. Read more

Foundations for new building

Infrastructure and aviation cracking on at Casey. Read more

Diesel mechancis at work

The diesel mechanics are in charge of station news this week and detail… Read more

RAAF aircraft arrives at aerodrome

Casey welcomes new faces as two planes touch down at Wilkins runway. Read more

Expeditioner hugs her colleague before departing station

An emotional farewell as wintering expeditioners depart Casey station. Read more

Door on building blown in by blizzard

A door is blown open by a blizzard, causing an interesting work problem… Read more

Snow petrel on nest

Snow petrels are incredibly elegant birds, but there is more to them than… Read more

Clocks showing station time zones

A time change at Casey and wildlife begins to return to station. Read more

The sun sets over an icy plateau with light creating a triangular column reflecting in the slick surface

Brownie browsing at Browning Peninsula — a field expedition yields some… Read more

Expeditioner practicing dentistry on a training dummy

Dentistry for dummies. Read more

Aurora with large Mack truck in foreground

Antarctic year in the life of a plumber. Read more

Expeditioner with special bliz hair do.

Wild weather at Casey strands expeditioners inside. What to do, what to do? Read more

Four male expeditioners in kitchen preparing Indian feast

The great Casey curry-off! Read more

Looking across Shirley Channel and Shirley Island, under a bright sun, slightly hidden by light clouds.

The weather went from one extreme to the other this week, with the worst… Read more

Two guitars made from cigar boxes

An ‘arts and crafts night’ sees some fabulous work showcased, along with… Read more

Expeditioner practising his kick-boxing moves in the gym

Casey buffs up for summer Read more

Experiment hut

The big Casey winter science issue includes stories on automated science… Read more

Generator van being hitched up for traverse

A field training trip to prepare for some winter traverses. Read more

Expeditioners cooking at BBQ

Big birthday barbecue and the great Casey meatloaf-off. Read more

Oversnow vehicle on way to sampling site

Science never sleeps at Casey! Read more

Station doctor prepares expeditioners for play

Fuelling body, mind and tanks at Casey. Read more

Expeditioner takes midwinter swim in a hole in the ice.

Midwinter festivities at Casey include the midwinter swim, after cutting a… Read more

Dart board with dart in bullseye

In this week’s news: darts and balloons, a dangerous combo at Casey… Read more

Judges test expeditioners beards

It’s time for the great Casey beard-off. Who will have the most luxurious… Read more

Casey weather info display

Snow, snow and more snow… Read more

Plumber with hardware on station

Sushi, saunas and saucy quiz nights at Casey. Read more

A daylight view of station buildings amongst snow and dirt, although it is 2300 (11pm)

The sun is rapidly disappearing at Casey. Meanwhile, a lack of sun doesn’t… Read more

Expeditioner with birthday cake

This week’s Casey station news is brought to you by our mascot, Stay. As… Read more

Casey BOM office showing normal desks, chairs and computer screens with no people

Brownie’s takes over the news and reports on a field expedition and heated… Read more

Flags at half mast

A memorable Anzac centenary, sea ice SAR training, a killer pool… Read more

Expeditioner checks sign to field hut

An Antarctic weekend away, snow petrels keep the Casey crew company, and… Read more

Station mechanical workshop with large tracked vehicles inside a giant shed

A week in the life of an Antarctic mechanic. Read more

Aerodrom Camp ready to be winterised

Aerodrome pack-up and penguins smile for the cameras. Read more

Tractor and cargo on route to Wilkins

This week’s station news is brought to you by Grant the dieso (diesel… Read more

Expeditioners on boats to check out icebergs

Leopard seal cruising, ‘ripping’ auroras and fond farewells this week at… Read more

Expeditioner cleans bedrooms in preperation for next season

A clean station is a happy station even with a mad dash for a donga! Read more

Two scientists in constume demonstrate experiments.

Summer science bash sees off the last of the summer expeditioners and an… Read more

Antarctic mascot Stay, the fibreglass dog undergoes an eye test by station Doctor

This week the dive team gets a helping paw, we learn a bit more about… Read more

Station chef plays guitar for Casey band

Another big summer comes to an end for many, and we witness the final… Read more

Three expedtioners on a skidoo

Rescue training at Casey station, a gorgeous field expedition to Law Dome… Read more

Two chefs showing a number of expeditioners how to cook

How to cook like an Antarctic chef plus the more mature expeditioners at… Read more

A female expeditioner riding a push bike in rocky terrain

At Casey, expeditioners break out their mountain bikes for a rare ride… Read more

Two expeditioners wearing drysuits standing on a raft on the water

Environmental science, team work, a nautical party and Australia Day —… Read more

Four expeditioners posing for a photo in a inflatable rubber boat

This week, the intrepid crew at Casey station cruise magnificent icebergs… Read more

Four expeditioners posing for a photograph outside a field hut

Field training, darts and hydrographics at Casey station. Read more

Expedtioner getting a hair cut

Casey station updates you on their spectacular Christmas and New Year’s… Read more