News from Casey’s trades team.

Tradie news

It’s been an action packed week at Casey station with final preparations being made for the upcoming resupply. As the Aurora Australis draws nearer to Antarctica each day, the prospects and possibilities of the bounty aboard have been entertaining the thoughts of expeditioners.

The trades team have delivered this week with a new wharf hut being expertly installed and commissioned in place of the old hut which will be returned to mainland Australia for recycling. The hut, which is a fully fitted-out 20 foot insulated shipping container, will serve as an ideal base for operations during resupply and provide a place to briefly take refuge from the sub-zero temperatures.

Of no less importance is the Casey station ‘Summer Games Competition’ about to commence, with the sparkies (electricians) tipped as hot favourites to assert their dominance in the pool, ping pong and darts categories.