View schedules: shipping, flight schedules and voyage sitreps.

For other travel information including cargo, packaging and quarantine requirements for shipping and air, see cargo and freight.

Voyage timings may be brought forward or delayed by several days, and final timings may not be established until within a few days of the published departure or arrival date. Possible variations must be considered when making connecting travel, training or other arrangements based on the published schedule.

If you are sending mail and/or cargo, please check the voyage or flight information for the coming season. For information regarding the sending of mail, including the delivery dates, please read the mail information document.

If you require further information on shipping and aviation please telephone 1800 030 744 [pressing 2 for aviation] (within Australia), or +61 3 6232 3269 (from overseas).

Requests for variations to meet the needs of Antarctic Research Applications should be directed to Science Planning and Coordination by contact form or telephone 03 6232 3532 (+61 3 6232 3532 from overseas).