Cargo describes goods carried on a ship, aircraft or motor vehicle.

This section contains useful information about cargo (freight) to and from:

  • Antarctica (including the Antarctic continent, nearshore marine zone)
  • the Southern Ocean (>60°S)
  • Macquarie Island.

The AAD provides cargo and logistics support, and biosecurity measures for the Australian Antarctic Program. The AAD also facilitates the import and export of cargo.

All cargo movements must be reported in the AAD’s Econ System (electronic cargo consignment). The AAD relies on information entered into Econ, to meet regulatory and legislative requirements.

International cargo held by the AAD for on forwarding must be addressed to the Cargo and Biosecurity Centre (CBC). This includes transhipment, underbond or carnet cargo. Please contact Supply Planning before arranging the delivery of this cargo as prior notification is required.

All imported cargo returning from the Antarctic continent (including nearshore marine zone) and Southern Ocean (>60°S), is subject to compliance with the Customs Act 1901. The conditions of cargo returning from these areas and Macquarie Island, are subject to biosecurity control (Biosecurity Act 2015), as soon as they enter Tasmania.

Cargo (goods) must be cleared for movement by relevant regulators before being released to the AAD. After cargo is released, it is on-forwarded to cargo owners.


  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone devices are banned from air travel.
  • All Apple MacBooks must be placed in carry-on baggage. They must remain switched off during the flight. This device is banned from ‘checked in’ luggage due to a worldwide recall by Apple.