Your voyage

Each voyage has an AAD voyage management support staff. There is a voyage leader, deputy voyage leader and ship’s doctor.

Voyage leaders are responsible for the safety and welfare of the expeditioners on board. They are critical to the success of scientific and re-supply voyages to Antarctica. Voyage leaders ensure that complex logistical operations happen safely and on time. They develop contingency plans when conditions change.

Prior to your departure, your voyage leader will be in email contact with you about departure dates, cargo closing dates and other voyage related matters.

Environmental concerns

Please note that your personal effects, mail and other cargo destined for the stations, may be inspected by Quarantine Tasmania on behalf of the AAD. They may be rejected for shipment or ordered for fumigation or other treatment to prevent the introduction of soil, animal and plant matter to the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic.

Please do not take any personal supplies of fresh fruit and vegetables onto the ship, or other articles that could introduce non-native species and disease.

When you are packing (both at home and at the AAD), please make sure that your equipment, bags, clothes and other personal effects are free from food scraps, soil, insects, seeds and similar. Items that have been in contact with the ground (such as footwear, camera bags, rucksacks and tripods) must be thoroughly washed with a bleach solution.

Pay particular attention to Velcro fastenings, boot linings, clothing seams and pockets. These areas are prone to harbour seeds and other material of quarantine concern.

Our Antarctic ships

Shipping has been vital to the Australian Antarctic Program since its establishment as the National Antarctic Research Expeditions (ANARE) in 1947.

Learn about each ship's specifications and important Antarctic voyages in the history of Australian Antarctic shipping.