Sheets, doonas, towels and soap are supplied on the ship. Ship board facilities on the ship include a laundry with washing machines and dryers. Washing powder is provided. There is no drying room.

Other facilities vary from ship to ship. Shipboard amenities may include communal computers with email facilities, videos, books, magazines, board games and a slide and/or power point projector. The Aurora Australis has a small gymnasium and sauna. Cash is needed for purchases from the ship’s bar and shop.


The current alcohol policy prohibits the carriage and consumption of alcohol on AAD chartered ships. More information relating to the alcohol policy will be available at training sessions before departure.


Vegetarian meals are available, however expeditioners with inflexible dietary expectations or requirements may need to reconsider their participation in the expedition.

You might find it useful to bring a drink bottle to use on the ship. If you are feeling sick and lying down, it is easier to drink from a drink bottle than a glass or cup.