For carry on board luggage on the ship, expeditioners are limited to:

  • the red survival kit bag containing only AAD-issued survival clothing
  • the green PPE kit bag containing only AAD-issued PPE
  • 45 kg of personal effects which includes day packs, camera bags and laptops. It does not include the AAD-issued red survival bag or PPE bag.

No single item of cabin baggage can weigh more than 15 kg. All cabin baggage must be non-bulky and non-hazardous. Items must be able to be stowed in the limited cabin drawer and locker space available and with the safety and comfort of others sharing cabins in mind.

Each bag carried on board must be labelled with the item’s weight, owner’s name, voyage number, cabin number and destination.

Approval for excess cabin luggage may be sought from the AAD Shipping Operations Section. Requests must be made prior to the relevant voyage cargo closing date and are expected to be limited to a conservative volume of shipboard work-related needs.

All the clothing and equipment contained in the issued red survival bag must be stored in the cabin so that they are immediately accessible for wearing to lifeboat drills or in the event of an emergency

The Australian Customs Service requires that sales and tax free purchases using the Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) fit within the sizing guidelines presently used by airlines for cabin baggage. All duty free and TRS purchases must be included within personal cabin baggage limits.

Expeditioners travelling to Heard and Macquarie Island must, prior to sailing, prepare their cabin luggage so that it will be at least spray-proof if transferred ashore by small watercraft.