A number of different inductions are required for access to TasPorts wharves and AAD chartered vessels. Summaries are provided below, and more information can be obtained by contacting the Division.


Tas Ports requires all people entering the port to complete an induction. This induction can be completed at the TasPorts gatehouse before you enter the port and does not need to be renewed annually. AAD staff can also complete this induction by attending a group induction run by the AAD Property and Security Officer. These are scheduled prior to each season and before large voyages to enable staff to maintain currency.

Staff who have held a current shipboard induction in the previous season need only enrol for the refresher course.

Aurora Australis work induction

Any persons accessing the Aurora Australis at any time must hold a current induction. These must be renewed at the start of each season. Group inductions are run at the start of each season and can be booked through the AAD online Learning Centre. All non-staff should attend the sessions run at the start of each port visit — please contact the Division if you require access to the vessel for AAD work purposes during a port call. Contractors working on the vessel for P&O should organise inductions through the P&O shipping manager or Master of the vessel.