Collaboration is key to Australia’s engagement in Antarctica. The Australian Antarctic Program has partnerships across government and with more than 150 national and international research institutions.

In the Australian Antarctic Strategy and 20 Year Action Plan the Australian Government committed to revitalise Antarctic science, including by building opportunities for public-private partnerships.

How does the AAD decide which organisations it partners with?

We want to work more closely with all sectors of the community who share our goals, to deliver our mission in Antarctica.

Any donations to or partnerships with the Australian Antarctic Division must be ethical and appropriate, and align with Government requirements and the priorities of the Australian Antarctic Division.

Further information is contained in the Australian Antarctic Division’s Partnerships and gift policy PDF.

This policy relates to partnerships with the Australian Antarctic Division, and is a component of the Department of Agriculture Water and the Environment’s broader partnership framework.

Antarctic Science Foundation

Working closely with the Antarctic Science Foundation is one way that we extend the reach of our Antarctic science.

The Antarctic Science Foundation is an independent, environmental charitable organisation. The principal purpose of the Antarctic Science Foundation is to support world-class scientific research delivered under the Australian Antarctic Program. This includes new and iconic scientific research endeavours, which will enhance the understanding and protection of the Antarctic, Southern Ocean and sub-Antarctic natural environments.

This is an important goal and one the Government supports.

Increased private sector support for Antarctic science through the Antarctic Science Foundation complements the core, ongoing work of the Government’s Australian Antarctic Program.

More information can be found on the Antarctic Science Foundation website.