This Antarctic reading list of books has been selected for general interest reading.

  • Andrew, M 2004, Antarctica: The Unfolding Story, Waiataura Publishing, Auckland.
  • Bredeson, C 2003, After the last dog died: The true-life, hair-raising adventure of Douglas Mawson and his 1911-1913 Antarctic Expedition, National Geographic Society, Washington DC.
  • Darian-Smith, K 2005, Australia, Oceania and Antarctica, Hodder Wayland, London.
  • Dekker, A, Isham, M & Isham, S 2010, Penguin, Bandicoot Books, Margate.
  • Edwards, H & Burgemeestre, K 2003, Antarctic Dad, Lothian Books, South Melbourne.
  • Haydon, J 2001, Journey to Antarctica, Nelson Thompson Learning, Melbourne.
  • Lester, A 2012, Sophie Scott Goes South, Viking, Melbourne.
  • Lester, A & Tulloch, C 2011, One Small Island: The Story of Macquarie Island, Viking, Melbourne.
  • Parker, A & Parker, C 2000, Antarctic Whales, Nelson Thompson Learning, Melbourne.
  • Parker, A & Parker, C 2006, Antarctic Penguins, Nelson Thompson Learning, Melbourne.
  • Parker, A & Parker, C 2005, Antarctic Flying Sea Birds, 60 Degrees South, South Yarra.
  • Patrick, T & Hutcheson, N 2009, Polar Eyes: A Journey to Antarctica, CSIRO, Dickson, ACT.
  • Riffenburgh, B 2010, Douglas Mawson, Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge.
  • Tulloch, C 2007, Sydney of the Antarctic, ABC Books, Sydney.
  • Tulloch, C 2003, Antarctica: The Heart of the World, ABC Books, Sydney.
  • Tulloch, C 2000, Antarctica: The Last Great Wilderness, Reed International Books, Melbourne.