Expeditioners stay in various forms of accommodation depending on their activities. There is a range of shelter available from permanent field huts to transportable ‘Apple’ huts and tents. If you are caught out unexpectedly, you may have no option but to quickly build an emergency snow shelter, or bunk down in your bivvy bag.

Tents are the most common form of field accommodation. The polar pyramid, the Antarctic dome and the smaller Béchervaise (known as ‘Béche’) tents are provided on the continent. The dome tent is also used on Heard Island.

If you are staying for any length out in the field, you may stay in more permanent or durable types of accommodation, such as an Apple hut or a traverse van.

The AAD has researched different kinds of field accommodation products that can be used in Antarctica in an effort to improve the energy efficiency and environmental impact of field accommodation.

There are a number of long term field huts and remote refuges accessible from all four Australian stations. All are equipped with emergency food rations, cookers and lighting. Not all field huts are wired for 240 volt equipment. If your program requires the use of electric power, check with the electrical supervisor or the plant inspector on station.