In 2019 the Australian Government announced it will invest more than $450 million over the next 10 years to upgrade our network of Antarctic research stations and supporting infrastructure.

The upgrade will modernise our infrastructure, improve operations, and revitalise our science programs.

The last time a major renewal program was undertaken at Mawson, Casey and Davis research stations was in the 1980s.

Priorities for the upgrade program include:

  • Modernising fuel storage, water supplies, energy provision, and communication technology
  • Upgrading the heavy vehicles and mobile equipment that maintain our daily operations
  • Providing Antarctic doctors with access to cutting-edge medical technology
  • Enhancing the environmental sustainability of Australia’s research stations
  • Improving operational assets such as boats, field huts, and aerodromes
  • Providing new science equipment to support leading-edge research and development.

In recognition of the critical nature of many of the assets required to support a robust and safe Antarctic program, this infrastructure funding is ongoing and represents a significant increase over current funding levels for capital.

This investment in the Australian Antarctic Program will strengthen Australia’s science, presence and leadership in Antarctica, underwriting the implementation of the Australian Antarctic Strategy and 20 Year Action Plan.

Antarctic Infrastructure Renewal Program

The Antarctic Infrastructure Renewal Program (AIRP) will modernise new and existing infrastructure, improve operations, and revitalise ongoing science programs.

The AIRP will be delivered using a Program Alliance delivery model, in accordance with the National Alliance Contracting Guidelines, and will include a two-stage procurement process to select the AAD’s preferred partner(s) and form an Alliance.

The procurement process involves an Expression of Interest (EOI) Phase to shortlist 2 proponents that will participate in an extensive interactive Request for Proposal (RFP) phase where proponents will develop their costs and proposals for the two Initial Works Packages. More information about the EOI Phase is on AusTender.

Industry participation

Whilst this procurement is focused on identifying Non-Owner Participants to enter a Program Alliance, the AAD will facilitate opportunities for local industry participation during delivery. Industry participants from Australian states and territories interested in providing goods and services to the Alliance are encouraged to register their interest to participate at the link below.

Industry registration form

Program Alliance

Initial works packages

Aviation facilities renewal (package A)

Renewal of aviation facilities at:

  • Wilkins Aerodrome
  • Casey Ski Landing Area
  • Davis Ski Landing Area

Davis research station infrastructure renewal (package B1)

  • Water supply
  • Electricity generation
  • Accommodation
  • Helipads
  • Services reticulation
  • Design
  • Construction camp
  • Vehicle workshop
  • Waste removal

Additional works packages

  • Casey station infrastructure upgrades (package B2)
  • Mawson station infrastructure upgrades (package B3)
  • New research facility at Davis station (package C)
  • Ad-hoc works, plus potential additional new research facilities at Mawson and Casey stations

Other AAD activities, including enabling the Program Alliance

  • Business case development for additional works packages
  • Environmental approvals
  • Logistics
  • Enabling works
  • Antarctic station operations
  • Antarctic medical support
  • Heavy vehicle upgrades
  • ICT upgrades and support

Key procurement milestones (indicative only, subject to change)

Expression of interest (EOI) phase – completed

Announcement of EOI Successful Respondents

The two successful respondents from the Expression of Interest procurement stage invited to participate in the Request for Proposal (RFP) procurement stage have each formed their own consortia named:

  • ACH Alliance (comprising CPB Contractors, Arcadis, Hatch)
  • Aurora Alliance (comprising Bouygues Construction, Stantec Australia, Mott MacDonald Australia)

Request for proposal (RFP) phase

  • Release of RFP, 16 January 2023
  • Submission of RFP phase proposals, 31 May 2023
  • Execution of Program Alliance Agreement (PAA) with successful proponent, August 2023