An expeditioner loads gravel under the Casey accommodation block

This week there was a lot of work, but Christmas festivities start with… Read more

A tracked tractor pushes snow on Casey skiway

Plenty of activity at the Casey skiway this week while the field training… Read more

A penguin waddles near a group of expeditioners

A VIP visit and some media attention — and station life goes on. Read more

Dark clouds gather with Casey sign in foreground

The season’s science projects kick off as the weather turns bad. Read more

An ice block igloo with person pocking their head through the top

This week at Casey survival training hits full speed while the techs are… Read more

Cake depicting 69th & 70th ANARE logos

Casey’s winter season is over with the arrival of new faces on the A319… Read more

Four expeditioners standing in a line with the runway in the background

The Wilkins team have the runway ready for the first flight and the 69th… Read more

Expeditioner rugged up for the cold weather holding the survey equipment on a blue sky day.

Some good weather meant the Casey and Wilkins teams worked in the sunshine… Read more

The QuadTrac tractor hooked up to the long red proof roller which is parked on the blue ice runway.

The proof rolling began at Wilkins despite the weather and the team think… Read more

Photo taken from outside a building of an expeditioner looking through the window with a big smile and waving

Wilkins runway is cleared back to blue ice and a trip to the huts wasn’t… Read more

The multi-coloured builds in the background and the Quadtrak tractor towing a sled in the foreground, all on a blue sky day.

This week at Casey it was the plumbers’ turn to do their last station news… Read more

30 uncooked Enchiladas having cheese added.

This week it’s all about the food, including cooking classes by chef… Read more

Bright orange/red sunset with the dark silhouette of hills and science building in the foreground.

This week we take a look at some of the beautiful skies over Casey and the… Read more

Nate at the Perisher ski fields for the groomer familiarisation course

Keeping machinery and vehicles in order, including getting Wilkins… Read more

Pete with a frozen beard and Rachel with frozen eye lashes.

As we celebrate the last days of winter, we open a time capsule from the… Read more

The Browning’s Olympic team posing in their fluro singlets with the captain holding the team flag.

This week at Casey we got into the Olympic spirit, had a visitor from WA… Read more

A small engine dismantled and laid out on a white cloth.

This week we focused on mechanical maintenance and getting things ready… Read more

Roulette players standing around the makeshift roulette table.

This week there was entertainment at the station and some renovations… Read more

Looking out over the open water that was sea ice with a large dark storm cloud filling the sky.

News from windy Casey. Read more

Two quad bikes and an ice drill standing up on the sea ice with nothing else as far as the eye can see.

Work and play, just have to sort out which is which! Read more

Expeditioner having some fun pretending to have his tongue stuck the steel frame on the external door.

A busy week of work, rest and play at Casey. Read more

The sun disappearing below the horizon with bright reflection on the cloud cover taken from Jack’s hut.

This week’s Casey news is from our project plumbers. Read more

Walter (stuffed soft toy) sitting in the pilot’s seat of a Ken Borek Air Basler aircraft.

This week at Casey, meet Walter the wintering Wookiee. Read more

Nate with safety line attached ready to hope into the sea ice plunge pool with the fake palm trees and outdoor setting in the background.

Casey news brought to you by Team Plumbing. Read more

A photo of the weather display board showing the temperature at −25° with a wind chill of −49.3°.

What a busy week at Casey! Read more

Three parachutes open as the parcels are dropped from the C-17.

This week at Casey is brought to you by our wintering doctor. Read more

Rachel carrying a tray full of burgers and chips with the bar area in the background.

This week’s news from Casey station is all about food, coming from our… Read more

Frost on the cold porch railing outside the red shed with the sun in the background.

Casey station news is brought to you by the Met Team this week. Read more

The night sky filled with stars and the Milky Way with a blue Hägglunds in the foreground on the right-hand side.

What’s the question most often asked upon returning home to Australia from… Read more

Two expeditioners at the back door of the blue Hagglund getting the water sampling gear out.

Casey news is contributed this week by the station mechanics. Read more

Jeff painting walls with a paint roller from scaffolding.

Some news from general trades and Casey photographers enjoying the glow of… Read more

Photo of the weather display on the phone showing ambient outside temperature of −31° and wind speed at 44 kn.

Casey battles wild weather to pack down Wilkins Aerodrome, just in time… Read more

Group of expeditioners standing under the flag poles and in front of the Casey sign for the dawn service.

Casey honours ANZAC Day plus building works continue. Read more

Expeditioner sitting outside building with snow on seats, in snowy conditions

The winds were blowing strongly, Casey citizens raise more than $5000 for… Read more

Two carpenters with a sheet of plaster on the plaster lifting device as they line it up ready for the lift it up to the ceiling supports.

News this week from project plumbers includes work on the Casey utility… Read more

A mixed up weather day with dark storm clouds, sun trying to break through, strong winds and blowing snow all at once.

A windy week at Casey but work goes on as the ‘sparkies’ (electricians)… Read more

Donna standing in the passage of the science building with a big smile on her face.

The Easter Long weekend at Casey saw a visit from the Easter Bunny and a… Read more

Mark leaning over the pool table to about to play his shot.

A write up on the Casey summer games. Who came out victorious? Read more

Cameron pressure testing the repaired melt bell with a water pressure testing bucket.

Day in the life of a Casey plumber isn’t what you might think. Sure, there… Read more

Three expeditioners leaving accommodation building to get into over snow vehicles

Casey says goodbye to summer. Read more

A group of four, three standing and one sitting on a rowing machine, outside at Macquarie Island station

The Bureau of Meteorology staff report on the end of summer activities and… Read more

Snow in rear of truck

A blizzard creates delays and eerie scenes. Read more

Three male expeditioners standing on ice, one waving to camera

The carpenters, or chippies as they are fondly referred to, take over… Read more

Expeditioners set of skking

For a small group of Casey expeditioners, a classic Nordic-style ski trip… Read more

Expeditioners enter water for summer swim, most wearing shoes as the shore is rocky

Casey station celebrates Australia Day with cricket, iconic radio and a… Read more

Balloon release against a threatening sky

Meteorologists takes over the news this week. Read more

Three women and four men dressed up for a Christmas party

Introducing the new Casey remediation team, helping to look after… Read more

Ship departs station and flares are lit to farewell captain on his last antarctic trip

Christmas and resupply overviews from Casey. Read more