Some news from general trades and Casey photographers enjoying the glow of the Aurora.

Generally speaking

The station news is brought to you this week by the General Trades Department. Although broad in title, General Trades is actually a specialised little duo made up of Jeff — Painter/Decorator (Picasso) and Kieran — Boilermaker/Welder & Winter Storeman.

Jeff has been busy kicking off the refurbishment of the red shed accommodation, conducting repairs, preparation and painting of the interior walls. He is currently working on the stairwells. Jeff and Jimmy have set about erecting scaffold that will allow Jeff to start on his next masterpiece.

Station projects and maintenance have Kieran working across a broad range of tasks. He is currently installing structural steel work for an internal staircase and landing in the recently constructed Civil Utilities Building.

Kieran has also been in the green store carrying out repairs to the pallet racking and fabricating a flash new guardrail for the freshly repaired racking.

The southern sky

Auroras, shooting stars and bedazzling star constellations lit up the night sky at Casey this week.

Taking advantage of pristine weather conditions, a group of budding photographers (AJ, Michael, Katie, Tom and Kieran) ventured to Casey wharf to hone their photography skills. The crisp night air was filled with ‘ooooos’ & ‘ahhhhhhhs'. The evening expedition was very rewarding and great night was had by all.