Two expeditioners being taught to use a fire hose

Casey’s new crew prepares for the adventure of a lifetime. Read more

A polaris tracked vehicle drives through the large open-cut road leading to the Casey wharf.

Casey’s wharf road is completed, Shirley Island’s waddling residents… Read more

Scott’s hut, currently being restored by volunteers from NZ

Stocking the huts for summer, a road is forged, the frozen spring… Read more

Photo of a C-130 Hercules from below, flying over Casey Skiway

The weather has finally cleared enough at Casey for planes to fly in… Read more

Steve McInnerney and Cary Collis at the Casey skiway dressed in their aviation uniform awaiting the first flight of the 2014–15 Casey summer

Finally the planes arrive and Casey changes from winter to summer mode. Read more

Summer view across the Vanderford Glacier

Pete, a repeat expeditioner, explores the joy of ‘jollies’ at Casey… Read more

Casey skiway after preparation ready for the first planes due to arrive from McMurdo

The Casey skiway is ready for action, repairs to antenna, a trip to… Read more

The groomed road from Casey to the skiway

The Casey skiway is almost ready, the first penguin arrives, bird cameras… Read more

The traverse vehicles (a tractor and a Hägglunds) with sleds parked in front of the Casey station red shed on a sunny clear day.

A rather epic trip to Law Dome and Stu’s orange birthday, this week from… Read more

Reeves Hill from the Casey wharf September 2014

Breathtaking scenery, the skiway is remade, expeditioners on quads ride… Read more

Steve Hankins, Nick Johnston and Stu Griggs rope up in the West wing to head to the Main Power House in 100 knot winds at Casey 2014

Storms, seals, Vikings, and darts feature at Casey this week. Read more

A basket full of a variety of chillies grown in the hydroponics facility at Casey winter 2014

At Casey station, hot chillies from hydroponics are harvested… Read more

Steve Hankins and Cary collis outside the Red Shed at Casey about to begin their walk to Wilkes August 2014

Casey celebrates fathers, gets into golfing, visits some seals, and walks… Read more

Steam rising above the almost frozen ocean at sunset

The weather that was, a trip to a memorial site and how not to build an… Read more

Ice patterns on the glass

Icy patterns, a volcanic fizzer, and it blows a gale at Casey this week. Read more

An expeditioner in the operations building at Casey, receiving an meteorological prize pack.

The winning weather poem is announced and a trip to sixty six degrees… Read more

An expeditioner writing poetry in the food pantry at Casey station, Antarctica.

Poetry, a relaxing jolly and seals return at Casey station. Read more

A selection of fine breakfast treats for the expeditioners at Casey station, Antarctica

Brunch, Casey huts, monthly weather highs and lows, and a birthday! Plus… Read more

Rob Bennett sitting next to, and giving a thumbs up by, the old wooden birthday sign with his ‘Go the Blues’ message at Casey

Rob tells us about the happy birthday sign, Casey wins at darts and the… Read more

Entrée of pate and brioche plated up and ready to serve pâté

Luscious food, extreme golf, snowboarding and a trip to Wilkins Aerodrome… Read more

The casey diesel mechanics make a start on the swimming hole (one expeditioner cutting with a chainsaw while another watches on)

Cutting the hole in the ice, the many beards of Casey, and another… Read more

Expeditioners prepare scientific equipment prior to field deployment

Shane and Matt venture out into the field to do some science, and the… Read more

At Casey during June the sun rises then sets again very quickly — the photo is sunrise and sunset all in one

The Red Shed Games, a chilly dip, stunning skies, and a weather summary… Read more

Photo of the weather statistics on a phone at Casey station, Antarctica

Two hundred kilometre per hour winds, the winter solstice celebrated, and… Read more

Pies before cooking in the Kitchen

A trip to Robbos, some alternative cuisine and the inter-station darts… Read more

a seedling growing in Casey Hydroponics

At Casey this week: growing salad greens in hydroponics, a trip to Wilkes… Read more

Steve Black as MC congratulating Shane Kern on wining the B grade heats in darts at Casey

This week at Casey we have the annual high stakes darts tournament… Read more

A Herman Nelson hot air blower

This week at Casey we hear about the abundance of snow on station, and the… Read more

The Casey sign at night — a wooden sign indicating Casey station but also on the pole above are smaller signs indicating the directions of other places from Casey

Casey at night, liquid amber snow petrels and sunsets, shifting snow, and… Read more

Expeditioner Dan Laban with his Mothers Day message

Mother’s Day is celebrated at Casey this week plus we achieve some chilly… Read more

Aurora australis above Casey during April 2014

Multi-coloured aurora, April weather highlights and reflecting on our… Read more

A sequence of images that show the progressive movement of the moon in front of the sun during a solar eclipse witnessed at Casey as a partial solar eclipse.

From the immense to the miniscule — the solar eclipse, a perfect… Read more

Ali, Stu and Pete near Brownings Hut

This week at Casey we learn how field trips can sometimes take longer than… Read more

Board of cheese as an accompaniment to Saturday night dinner

Ok, now he’s just showing off. Casey station’s winter chef does not… Read more

A expeditioner at Casey station celebrates his birthday

This week at Casey we celebrate week of birthdays, take a look at some of… Read more

Expeditioners prepare food for dinner in a field hut

This week at Casey we reflect on the role of LARCs in the station’s… Read more

Photo of everyone at Casey for the 2014 winter — all 18.

With winter around the corner, Casey prepares the station, celebrates a… Read more

Eddie, the wintering Casey chef, sits on a stool in uniform

We have pizza night this week at Casey, as well as time to rebuild a… Read more

Antarctic Runway for Australia

Snowbird 1’s last call of the season; breaking records in Met; and… Read more

Arrive empty to depart full — the inside of the A319 on the way down

This week at Casey we follow the arrival of the winter station leader Ali… Read more

ASPA 135 Moss Bed

This week at Casey we look at how technology is helping map the area, see… Read more

Andrew taking samples from the snow pit

This week at Casey we travel to Law Dome to collect ice cores, meet the… Read more

New fire escape on living quarters building

A tradies trip to Wilkins, a lesson in fuels and a look at Casey in… Read more

All packed and ready to go

A special flight to Snyder rocks, the power house shuts down and Casey… Read more

Glen and James

This week at Casey, we celebrate the end of resupply with a very red party… Read more

View from an inflatable boat on the way to Beall Island

Finding the elusive flat worm and some great photos of the Hercules… Read more

An expeditioner monitors the fuel tank cleaning from above the tank

This week at Casey we reflect on the festive season, hear about the fuel… Read more