Flight FA01 arrives from Hobart

This week at Casey we say goodbye to the 2013 winter expeditioners, catch… Read more

Rob and Ken take shelter

This week at Casey we take a photographic tour of the sights of Wilkins… Read more

Danielle dressed as a black cat and Belinda dressed as a sheep

This week at Casey we celebrate the new summer season by tuning our animal… Read more

Earth quake devastated Catholic Cathedral

This week at Casey we have flying operations and more flying operations. Read more

Basler twin turbo prop on final landing approach

This week at Casey the Basler and Twin Otter finally arrive bringing new… Read more

A zoomed close up of a leopard seal smiling

Some scary leopard seal teeth, sweet pups and a beautifully groomed ski… Read more

A close head shot of a Emperor penguin

This week at Casey we spot our first penguin of the season and the only… Read more

Chad, Leon, Ben and Michael standing in front of an orange Hagg

This week at Casey: a visit to Jack’s donga where we were blown away with… Read more

Picture of a oddly shaped iceberg

This week at Casey is the search for the first returning penguins Read more

Mick and Lee working lifting weights

A quiet week at Casey but the gym is always pumping. Read more

The incinerator empty

This week at Casey we visit the Warren, Mick says it’s a pretty good week… Read more

Midwinter group picture

This week at Casey we share some of the group pictures for our station… Read more

Mark receiving an award

This week at Casey we finally have the awarding ceremony for the Casey… Read more

Sheep brains on a bowl with a rubber plastic face

This week at Casey our Saturday night dinner was like a scene from The… Read more

A picture montage of Leon wearing different costumes

The Casey gallery features photos of all seasons. Read more

I Give it a Year poster

This week at Casey we discover what is on in the cinema, finally the Casey… Read more

Abrar wearing an umbrella hat in a bathtub full of bubbles

This week at Casey we write, shoot and produce a five minute short film in… Read more

Red Hagg in the foreground with overcast layer of cloud

This week at Casey a group travelled for an overnight stay at Wilkes and a… Read more

Browning Hut in a snowy and rocky terrain

This week at Casey we revisit the mulish Browning repeater and Jukka… Read more

Abrar posing in the upper fuel farm over looking the frozen sea ice in the background

This week at Casey we complete the mid year fuel transfer and we find out… Read more

The American flag flying along with the Australian flag

We celebrate American Independence with a feast and a presentation and our… Read more

Allan throwing darts while lee watches

This week at Casey we compete with each other in a singles tournament of… Read more

A group shot of everyone at Casey. All smartly dress except for Gavin in a Wilfred suit

This week we celebrate the midwinter with a 12 course dinner, we have a… Read more

Freshly painted red pathways in a storage warehouse

At Casey, the green store inventory project continues, hairy expeditioners… Read more

A night shot of Casey’s red shed with some cloud cover and what seems to be a bright moon over the Red Shed

This week at Casey, Mark talks about the rapidly decreasing daylight… Read more

Cloudy and white flat snowy terrain, with an expeditioner standing with a cane in the foreground

This week at Casey, we adapt to the winter weather conditions; we venture… Read more

Abrar in a black leather Elvis suit in a classic Guitar hero pose

We joined 170 million people in 36 countries in watching the action packed… Read more

Reduced visibility of a red Hägglunds

This week at Casey we venture to Jacks Donga to return back from an… Read more

Allan leaning over the table to give instructions to Jukka

This week we find the artist within. Our station leader talks about how he… Read more

Mark and Gavin drilling ice to place new canes.

This week at Casey we discover some difficulties working in Antarctica… Read more

Aaron on the electronic fork lift in between two racks of the greenstore

This week we revisit Aaron at the Greenstore, Chad talks about the best… Read more

Aaron in a suit holding a toy gun

“Bond, James Bond” and “Vodka Martini, shaken, not stirred” have been… Read more

A picture of Casey station weather data on a computer screen

This week at Casey as “Winter is coming”, Viking Matt is back with a poem… Read more

Chad with a green down jacket sitting on a table with a cup cake in front of him

In the fight between good (the doc) and evil (the chef), the culinary king… Read more

A small tight room with a bunk bed

This week our newly renovated harbour-side chalet gets a test run, we suit… Read more

Portrait of Leon

Like a peacock showing off its tail feathers, we show off our growing… Read more

Gavin dress at Wilfred the dog and smiling for the camera

Sharpen the darts, polish the snooker balls and set up the table! The… Read more

Aaron is taking all the equipment off the shelves and cabinets

This week we visit Aaron at the green store, take a look in a day in a… Read more

Dr Chad in a hero like portrait

This week our station doctor shares his epic battle dubbed MD vs MC or… Read more

Jukka climbing radio mast

This week at Casey, a communication technical officer (CTO) takes to the… Read more

Expeditioner leans over laptop in snow underneath a weather tower (AWS)

This week we have a Bureau of Meteorology theme with meteorological… Read more

Adélie penguins along the along the coast

This week Louise delivers the final update on the Adélie penguin research… Read more

A number of French volunteers busy digging up snow

This week our supervising communication technician gets a helping hand… Read more

Group photograph of the Casey station cricket players of 2013

This week we celebrate Australia Day with a quick dip in Newcomb Bay and… Read more

The Christmas Eve carollers posing for a photograph

This week at Casey we will discover the summer melt through the eyes of a… Read more

The boat ride to Ardery Island

This week at Casey we take a look at some of the research being done on… Read more

Photo shows a small floating pier awaiting resupply ship Aurora Australis, crane in right of photo

Another look back at the busy week of resupply, Casey gets the long… Read more

The Aurora Australis on anchor in the bay in front of the station

This week has seen the refuelling and resupply of Casey, as well as the… Read more