A quiet week at Casey but the gym is always pumping.

Casey gym

After enduring a very long winter, you find yourself searching for any glimmer of hope. This environment brings with it many challenges. It’s demoralising to wake up every day and look at your weak, pathetic excuse for a body. Imagine how that feels? Not anymore! We have nearly completed a twenty-week weightlifting program, the rewards that come with it and seeing the look of envy in the other expeditioners’ eyes when they look at the Swole group. Yea baby, the “Swole” group is BOSS!

With the combined efforts of Lee and Aaron putting the program together, Lee coaching the team in all of the exercises of the program, the results are evident! The program consisted of five different phases lasting four weeks each and with every step became more intense and challenging.

In the last phase we are all completing exercises that four months earlier, we never thought possible! It has also managed to bring out everyone’s competitive streak with lots of heckling and banter.

The age range spans nearly twenty years but you would be hard pushed to see it with the old guard out performing in many areas. It’s also good to see that “natural selection” plays its part with people beginning to specialise in certain exercises. Michael is now benching his own body weight, Mick and Aaron are excelling at weighted pull ups, Ben is the legs king, Tim has become a arm curl specialist and annoyingly Lee aka ‘mirror man’ still surpasses everyone at everything, and doesn’t he let us know it!

Now that the group is coming up on completing the program, some will be pleased to have finished it and for others, it will be an ongoing life style.

Congratulations and well done to all of the ‘Swole group’.