This week at Casey is the search for the first returning penguins

Casey out and about

After days of rain, snow and blizzards over the past few weeks here at Casey station, the Sun was finally out again. Balmy conditions with clear skies saw a number of crew making several trips around the stations recreational area like Shirley Island in the hopes of spotting the first penguins. Unfortunately none were seen, just a few seals. 

Leopard seal photo shoot

We are counting down for the return of the Adélie penguins. Regular walking trips within station limits, extended limits and recreational area to spot the first returning penguin has become a sport. September ended up a penguin-less month, but spotting a leopard seal is almost as good while we await the return of the Adélie.

Keeping our distance from these predators of the Antarctic, we took multiple pictures of the seal while it enjoys the sun rays of what became a rare cloudless day here at Casey.