emperorr penguins on the ice while two Adelies wander through the waddle

Emperors march on Casey, get the lowdown on remediation, and meet a… Read more

Emperor penguin standig on ice with water in background

Getting the most out of one sunny day, and learning the role of Casey… Read more

Two Casey team members walking the line and one standing on top of the lower fuel farm keeping an eye on fuel transfer operations

Fuel transfer, traverse to Law Dome, and seabird science Read more

A photo of the pamphlet of Casey’s Remembrance Day Ceremony

Welcoming the 72nd ANARE season, Remembrance Day, and lots of good… Read more

Sunset lighting on the Casey sign post with a background of Newcomb Bay and foreground of snow and rock

The new Casey team’s second week on the ice. Read more

Sepia photo of group of 26 expeditioners, back row standing and front row kneeling, in front of large metal CASEY sign on low fuel farm tanks

Changing of the guard at Casey research station Read more

A long table in the mess covered to overflowing with kitchen equipment

This week at Casey some old friends return, we prepare the station for the… Read more

Long table set for dinner, laden with food and drinks, with old fashioned candelabra above

This week at Casey the SL gets a little reflective when thinking about… Read more

Man stands in AFL top and short in big boots and beanie and holding football beside Casey sign that indicates Melbourne is 3843km away

This week at Casey, October has hit and the end is nigh. We examine bird… Read more

Photo taken directly into the sun showing a halo around the sun, foreground station buildings

This week at Casey we marked a successful traverse and airdrop by… Read more

Looking from behind at blue hagglunds with tailer and tractor with accommodation van, both pointing towards plateau in distance with clear blue sky above

A busy week at Casey with the traverse to Law Dome successfully completed… Read more

Man stands at Antarctic circle sign with vehicles lined up behind — green Hägglunds on right and large tractor with two trailers attached on left, on middle trailer are two yellow snow blowers.

This week at Casey we finalise preparations for the traverse team with… Read more

Expanse of sea-ice with pyramid ice berg sticking up out of it, two people walking across sea-ice towards the burg. Bright blue sky above, rocky hills in background

A quiet week at Casey, but we keep busy with traverse planning and… Read more

A long table sitting over twenty, set with white tablecloth and crockery, cutlery, napkins, glasses. All twenty people sitting around looking at camera

This week at Casey we're in the midst of stocktakes and Sunday strolls… Read more

Two men in Wallabies and All Blacks t-shirts and shorts shake hands standing in front of the Casey sign

This week at Casey we take a jolly on the sea-ice, commiserate over the… Read more

Four portrait shots of race goers, men in jackets tie and hats, women in facinators (one a red box with windows down the side to look like the Casey living quarters building)

This week at Casey we're keeping busy and making the most of the beautiful… Read more

Woman putting talcom powder through hair or person bent over

This week at Casey film fever has hit, Pat’s provided a great summary of… Read more

Foreground a green domed building on rocky outcrop. Above clear blue skies with full moon in white centre picture

This week at Casey the sun is returning and expeditioners are emerging… Read more

Document giving instructions for how to remove penguins from a runway

This week at Casey we contemplate herding penguins and the windy season… Read more

Man in box painted as redheads matches box, his face is painted red to look like the top of a match and there are large wooded matches hanging in the box beside him

This week at Casey, an update from Zach and we meet Scotty our resident… Read more

A close up of the moon, showing craters and dark patches in top left of picture, rest of picture is black

This week at Casey we're in the middle of winter and have hit groundhog… Read more

Man sitting on carpeted floor with back resting against black leather chair, strapped into back and neck brace

This week at Casey the countdown to home has begun, the maintenance team… Read more

Group of men standing behind a large square hole cut in ice, they are covered in snow and the weather is white-out

This week we try and share with you just some of the fun and festivities… Read more

Invitation to Midwinter festivities at Casey Station, dark blue background, snow flake graphic, three pictures on right hand side showing icebergs in two and Aurora over station in middle

This week we're busy with preparations for our mid-winter festivities, we… Read more

Group of men in brew room with centre man holding a brown beer bottle with red tape reading 10000 on it

This week at Casey we're besotted with the light of a continual sunrise… Read more

Men standing holding the Torres St Islander flay, Australian National Flag, and Aboriginal Flag in the strong wind. Standing on rocky outcrop with three flag poles and casey sign behind

This week we meet the Casey pig during our fuel transfer and also get to… Read more

Man lying down on snow with group of people gathered around, In the dark and faces of men highlighted by torches, held and on heads

A busy week at Casey this week, with searching, measuring and feasting. We… Read more

Three canes with flouro orange flags at top set up in teepee shape, with man and woman either side reaching up above heads to afix point where the canes join. Ice drill standing on end in left foreground

This week the snow has finally stopped and we get to see the night sky for… Read more

A close up of a snowflake on dark red background, shape is six pointed star

This week at Casey we hear what’s involved in the Wilkins Aerodrome pack… Read more

Cement look pillar with brass cross at top and group of red poppies at base. In the background the Casey distance to sign on snow covered hill

A wrap up of our lovely Anzac Day on the ice at Casey. Read more

Cenotaph built as stone oblisk with cross at top with poppies at base in foreground, in background on snow covered hill are three flag poles with UK, Australian and NZ flags lit up in the dawn light, with an expeditioner standing at the base of each flag pole

This week we halt and reflect for Anzac Day and get April’s update on the… Read more

View across Newcomb Bay from Casey Station looking towards the sun coming up over the horizen with a halo created around the sun and sun dogs (mock suns) either side of the sun on the horizen

This week at Casey we meet two little known expeditioners. One flew planes… Read more

Large long table set with white tableclothes and candles, with expeditioners sitting down either side smiling towards camera.

This week we hear from the Diesos with attitude and learn the intricacies… Read more

Building rope and carabiner anchoring systems into rock wall.

This week, as the nights lengthen and the wildlife departs, we get an… Read more

Young elephant seal, close up of face with big glassy brown eyes and partially open mouth showing incisors and gunk drooling out of mouth

This week a victim’s view of a search and rescue exercise, Jane explains… Read more

C-17 aircraft flies over Newcomb Bay, blue sky and seas with snow covered rocky shoreline eitherside of bay

This week the Casey team have settled in for the long winter and we find… Read more

Lady in red jacket and coloured beanie on varandah with group of people and red bus (front on) behind

As the end of Summer has come we hear what it’s like to live and work at… Read more

Three expeditioners sitting in a dug out snow hollow eating from mugs with middle expo on the radio reading from a notebook

This week SAR training has commenced in earnest, final farewells are… Read more

Bottom third of photo is rocky and snow covered hill, just above is a pale yellow / green aurora and then rest of photo is a blue black night sky with stars scattered across

As people start to head home, Casey station showcases a summer of birthday… Read more

Three expeditioners in mustang suits, glasses and beanies in foreground, behind snow covered slope with buildings in distance

Our team starts to shrink in size, Comms Tech Clint talks science… Read more

White out with green and blue Hägglunds vehicles seen through the snow. In front two men standing in the snow, both pointing to the right.

At Casey the end of summer is looming with less than a month to go, we see… Read more

Photo taken under the water showing upside down leapard seal looking up towards surface of the water which has pieces of ice floating on top.

Australia Day celebrations, boat rides, we get the low-down on the BoM… Read more

Five men in high vis clothing standing in front of yellow bulldozer in workshop, left to right, one pointing right, one covering crutch, one covering eyes, one covering mouth, one covering ears

Science is a-happening at Casey as we reach the middle of Summer. Dr Clive… Read more

Foreground large group of people standing beside a bulldozer, mid picture snow and rocks with five flag poles and casey sign, distance the bay with cloudy skies above.

Christmas finally comes to Casey and we meet Ev, the very green thumbed… Read more

Forground four adelie penguins stadning in different positions on snow covered ground. In background the Casey wharf area with lower fuel farm and shipping containers. Centre back large CASEY sign in orange letters.

It’s cargo cargo cargo this week at Casey as Christmas and New Year are… Read more