Casey transmitter hut with blue Hägglunds

This week at Casey we look at ICT and the Baslers that are based here for… Read more

Four men on a snowy road with tall stacks of snow on either side of them.

This week, it’s time for a plant operators perspective and an eye on the… Read more

Nathan E using a chainsaw in the sea ice to define a pool for the tide gauge

This week at Casey we look at how to calibrate a tide gauge and a project… Read more

The Casey plumbers for 2019–20 posing in the basement of the Red Shed — from left to right Duncan Logan,

This week at Casey a plumber gives us his first impressions, the doctor… Read more

Nick Watt this years Operations Coordinator stands next to one of the white boards he has set up with operational information in the wallow at Casey

This week at Casey we say goodbye to some and hello to others while the… Read more

The first plane of the 2019–20 season

The 73rd ANARE arrives at Casey and we bid farewell to the 72nd ANARE — so… Read more

The 29 members of Casey winter team standing on snow covered Reeve’s Hill

The end of the year is here Read more

Weddell Seal pup feeding from its mother

Enjoy the view Read more

Two snow blowers blowing snow on a clear day

An ice runway is made and our first seal pup found Read more

Three cane team members, holding the canes, with the red hagg and the wilkins sign in view on a cloudy day

Follow the canes to the huts and enjoy the area Read more

A dozer towing the green Wilkins mess building into the summer location

Lots of activity at Casey Read more

A sunny Casey with the Red Shed, Green Store, Yellow Science building surrounded by snow

Casey in pictures Read more

Looking across the red shed 1st floor with new paint, carpet and decorations on the wall

A busy team kicking goals Read more

A green sheet aurora with swirls over Casey

Busy at work and play Read more

Several vehicles towing trailers departing Station on a sunny, clear day

Cold weather, good food and getting to know the last of Casey’s… Read more

A drone shot of the traverse group of vehicles and the Automsted Weather System being worked on surrounded by snow and a grey sky

Going every direction — from Law Dome to sea ice Read more

Jack’s Donga which is red and blue sitting on rocks overlooking icebergs and the water

Getting out and about at Casey. Read more

The Casey winter team standing on Reeve’s Hill with Sttion in Background

A year of Casey Read more

The 16 members of the traverse team standing in front of the red tracktor in front of the orange workshop

Out on the ice and getting ready for traverse Read more

Even dressed in a green smock and head cover and goggles with an inflated weather balloon

Talking about weather balloons and getting to know another of Casey’s 29… Read more

The green Hagg and a Quad on snow overlooking the water

The vehicles of Casey and one of the men keeping them on the ice Read more

A long black hose lying across the snow with the Station in the background

Dishing up Casey’s chef extraordinaire Read more

A green aurora from the horizon up into the night sky

Auroras in the winter night Read more

Casey’s 72nd ANARE Midwinter Dinner with the team of 29 behind the table

Time to reflect, enjoy and relax Read more

Sunrise on the ice with an island and sea ice cliff in the background

Travelling out to sea over ice Read more

The 29 members of Casey on top of Reeve Hil with a snowy backgroundl

Counting down to Midwinter Read more

Crafts by Conrad displayed on a table including two ice axes, ear rings, frame and clock

Look what we made! Read more

Scott’s son Daniel ready for his first day at school standing against a wall all dressed up

Casey’s extended family Read more

Aaron standing in his field gear with snow and ice in the background

Meet two more of our 29-strong winter team! Read more

The backs of David and Alan as they return from a wharf walk with large bolders in front of them

Staying fit Casey-style Read more

Snow and ice across the bay with a few exposed rocks

The march towards mid-winter Read more

Sam standing at the Antarctic Circle sign with the yellow Hagg

Securing the weather mast for winter Read more

Two tradies in floatation suits on the melt bell pontoon

'Oompa Loompas’ at work Read more

Casey’s Comms team in front of a blue curtain (L-R Robyne, Jason, Rachel, Mitch, Amanda & Brendan)

Communications Antarctic style Read more

Conrad cutting into the ice with a chainsaw

Meet the chippies Read more

Dean changing gaskets at the fuel farm

Pipe dreams in East Antarctica Read more

Elphant Seals in the rock and snow with one looking directly at the camera

Winter is here! Read more

Casey Station with Newcomb Bay in the background

Summer reflections and welcome to the winter Read more

The five members of the Ferrari field team standing on snow together

Casey’s last summer science project Read more

A grader on the ice runway in the construction phase

Gateway to Antarctica Read more

View from Reeve’s Hill at Sunrise looking over the bay

Casey through a new lens Read more

Casey sunrise with two expeditioners out for a morning ski in the recreation area

The beginning of the end of our busy summer season Read more

The Blue and Yellow Hagg on the rugged summit of Law Dome

Some of the great jobs in Antarctica Read more

2018/19 Met Team standing in front of the balloon building including (from left to right) Deb, Tanya, Nyssa, Sean, Jane, Craig and Ken.

The difference a day makes Read more

Bemused team asked to hold hands up “like doctors” in the operating theatre. Marissa, Amy, Garvan, Rhys and Aaron

How do we provide medical care at Casey? Read more

Five different photos of cakes made by Casey’s chef Jordan

It’s all about the food Read more

Barge travelling from Casey to Aurora Australis

Resupplying fuel, food and vital equipment for the year ahead Read more