This week at Casey: 18 October 2019

Enjoy the view

The beauty of Casey

In winter, Casey is a beautiful place, blanketed in white for most of the season with a fabulous horizon filled with icebergs. Now, as summer approaches we see the return of wildlife with the Weddell Seals and their pups, snow petrels soaring by and the imminent return of Adèlie penguins. I hope you enjoy a few of our recent photos of the area and wildlife.  

Chris (SL) 

Weddell Seal pup feeding from its mother
Feeding time
(Photo: Jordan Smith)
A Weddell Seal pup looking atthe camera with a little snow on its face
How cute is that face?
(Photo: Jordan Smith)
Weddell Seal mother and pup take a nap
Nap time, Weddell Seal style
(Photo: Jordan Smith)
Blue ice cliffs of Peterson Glacier
Peterson Glacier ice cliffs
(Photo: Marissa Woodburn)
Snow and ice along the shoreline of Casey
Casey’s Newcomb Bay shoreline
(Photo: Jordan Smith)
White and blue mixed together in the ice cliff
Unique colours of ice cliffs
(Photo: Chris MacMillian)
Snow and ice of ice cliffs under a blue sky
Layers of an ice cliff
(Photo: Chris MacMillian)
a horizon of icebergs with a rocky slope and ice in the foreground
A horizon of ice bergs
(Photo: Chris MacMillian)