An ice runway is made and our first seal pup found

Runway works and finding a seal pup

The station has returned to a white blanket with lots of snow fall this week and little wind. It has not stopped people from getting out with a few trips to Penny’s Bay to check on Weddell seal pupping; so far one pup has been sighted with hopefully more on the way. Others walked to Shirley Island; no penguins yet, another 10 days we are led to believe — and others skied and walked the Bailey recreation area.

The team at Wilkins Aerodrome is also making great progress in getting the runway open for the start of the season. This time of year always requires great effort to get through the start-up requirements. This year is no different with lots of snow, more than most, to clear and some seriously cold temperatures The last few weeks have seen multiple trips up and down the hill in support of the required works. The latest effort this week has included 10 team members, in teams, to assist with runway repairs and fuel delivery. Overall good progress has been made so far with the first flight scheduled for 23 October.

Everyone on station is finalising clean ups and packing and generally getting ready to head home to family and friends in under three weeks. 

Chris (SL)