A snowy scene with a orange sunset

Expeditioners lap up the warmer weather Read more

Two expeditioners in their survival gear hiking on snow.

Expeditioner Kylea shares her recent training experience Read more

A319 Airbus sitting on the ice runway with support crew surrounding

Changing of the guard Read more

Some really big news - we've welcomed two plane loads of people to station… Read more

Two large red shipping containers tied up on pallets on the ice

We prepare for the first plane and an expeditioner waxes lyrical Read more

Looking out over the top of 6 fuel tanks, two tractors parked at the side, towards the horizon

Taking a look at a regular task for the mechanics Read more

An Øveraasen snow blower on the runway with a plume of snow flying in the air

A trip to Jack's and preparation for the season at Wilkins Read more

The yellow Hagg outside the Red shed at Casey station waiting to leave for Browning

Out to Browning and a poetic look at our local huts Read more

Patterns in a frozen fresh water lake near Casey

This week at Casey - getting to Antarctica can be a convoluted journey as… Read more

7 trays of fresh made borek on a kitchen bench with an expeditioner smiling to camera

We let you in on our Sunday secret Read more

Portrait of expeditioner with cold weather gear.  Only eyes are uncovered on his face.  Ice in background.

A trip to Law Dome and hydro-daydreaming Read more

Three expeditioners in a band playing instruments with music stands, microphones and lights

The story of the Sub-Optimals and what really happens in the laundry Read more

A constrasting sky with blue showing through and dark but light rimmed clouds looking towards the mouth of Newcomb Bay

Signs that spring is returning to Casey, and Wilkins wakes up Read more

A seed tray with seedlings of rocket and cos lettuce growing in the Hydroponics facility at Casey

Hydroponic happenings and never a dull moment at Casey this week Read more

Two tents in snow during evening with Hagglund close by

This week at Casey trips are being planned Read more

The Wilkins sleds on a winter berm ready for another season

This week at Casey we report on what is happening up at Wilkins and Early… Read more

Up and down draught activity over the science building at Casey

At Casey this week there's thoughts on clouds and proof that we are a… Read more

Hermann the chef at Casey with his train cake for Nathan Earls birthday

Some thoughts on the winter experience and future uncertainties this week… Read more

A view of station in low winter light from Reeves Hill

This week from Casey a Sunday stroll around station and renovations Read more

Hermann the Casey chef in the kitchen preparing our Austrian themed extravaganza

This week at Casey we share our Austrian experience and welcome back the… Read more

A locally knitted beanie and bottle opener made for an expeditioners birthday at Casey

What we do in our spare time and a reminder to look up occasionally! Read more

A view of the Casey dining room at meal time

We examine the team's diversity and look at how to open an outdoor… Read more

Formal photo of the 3 plumbers

The doctor gives us a rundown on her LSA team, a plumber muses on facial… Read more

Expeditioner wearing colourful shirt taking a dip in the Casey sea ice swimming pool.

This week at Casey we'll fill you in on Midwinter happenings and the… Read more

An expeditioner man-hauling his pack on the ice

This week at Casey we have musings from a hut and a peek at Midwinters Read more

Portrait of the chef holding a box of apples

This week at Casey the sun gets lower and we find out about the locals… Read more

Three expeditioners on the sea ice out to drill the sea ice thickness

This week at Casey we're visiting huts and out on the sea ice Read more

Three expeditioners showing off their beards

This week at Casey we look at the current hair styles expeditioners are… Read more

A bottle of wine and two glasses in front of a colourful sunset over the ice.

This week at Casey we take advantage of a perfect sunset, update you on… Read more

Landscape of the sun over the sea ice and ice cliffs

This week at Casey we see some picturesque images of Antarctica showing… Read more

Three expeditioners at the Browning Peninsula

Casey is all about it’s people this week Read more

One of the groomers out at Wilkes Hilton hut on the Clark Peninsula

This week at Casey its grooming the ski-loop and moving snow Read more

Casey expeditioners get into their training for the Relay for Life

Casey prepares for Relay for Life and welcomes the Wilkins team to station Read more

A brilliant sunset lighting up the clouds to the west

Some images of Casey skies this week Read more

Field training officer in the vehicle workshop, lying under a vehicle

This week at Casey a Mechanic and Field Training Officer trade places… Read more

A multi-coloured Aurora over Newcomb Bay near Casey station

This week from Casey — tips on shooting an aurora and how our working from… Read more

Map showing the limits of aurora visibility

This week at Casey we're viewing Auroras and wondering where the time… Read more

Expeditioner walking through a doorway

At Casey this week we get used to winter and travel to Wilkins to help… Read more

A snow petrel on Reeves Hill

Our winter chef reflects on the summer Read more

Group photos of the summer team at Casey this season

This week we recall the summer and tick aviation boxes Read more

Three expeditioners stand next to the concrete helipad with a bamboo cane installed in the centre.

This week at Casey we are passing time and cleaning up Read more

Graphic of the remediation site

This week at Casey we take a look at what remediation are doing, some more… Read more

A small orange boat with an stunning iceberg backdrop.

This week at Casey a first time plumber gives his thoughts on the summer… Read more

Snow petrel chick in rocky crevice near Casey station

Near Casey this week: a bit of excitement on the ice plateau does not… Read more

The original ANARE Code Book

This week at Casey Comms tells us about the way it used to be and our… Read more

Two people in cold weather gear standing outside a building

At Casey this week we look at survival training that all expeditioners do… Read more

Inside view of workshop with round huts being built

What it’s like to be a Carpenter and a Comms Tech at Casey Read more

Man on a tractor on the ice

This week at Casey we look at tractors in Antarctica and the role of the… Read more

The official Casey Christmas Card for 2019

This week at Casey its was a white Christmas followed by resupply Read more