At Casey this week there's thoughts on clouds and proof that we are a global community

That floats on high

Clouds – if we think of them at all most of us will only think of clouds fleetingly. For observers and meteorologists there are many ways to think of clouds from a scientific/meteorological standpoint:

  • What type is the cloud?
  • What weather is it currently bringing?
  • What weather is it likely to foretell?
  • How much energy is it enclosing?
  • Where is that energy going to be released?
  • What system is it part of?

Sometimes though we forget to think about how wonderful they are just to look at and here at Casey we have been presented with some amazing looking clouds.

Putting the reasons and scientific explanations aside I'd like to share with you, just from a visual perspective, some images of the cloud formations we have been fortunate enough to witness here at Casey this season.

Sometimes it's about the shapes, sometimes the way the light changes whether it's reflected on or refracted by the clouds and just sometimes the way the clouds are active and ephemeral in their behaviour – never the same in any moment. You can't say "I'll take that picture in a minute." In a minute that picture will be gone and there will be another one in its place. Whether that new picture is better than the one you didn't take, only you will know.

Enjoy these small moments.

David Wright, Casey Met Tech / Observer, Australian Bureau of Meteorology

We are a global community

Recently representatives of Relay for Life Global were in touch to tell us that our Casey Relay For Life event had been selected for an award:

“On behalf of Global Relay For Life, you have been selected to receive a recognition award for your commendable efforts to raise awareness and funds in the fight against cancer via your local Relay For Life Antarctica and therefore for the Cancer Council Tasmania & Australia.

This award recognises a team or an event that stands out in some way within their own community and within the global Relay movement. We feel that your efforts, to organise an event at Casey Station, deserve such recognition.

The award will be posted on the Global Relay For Life Facebook page at the beginning of August.”