12 Expeditioners pose for a photo on the snow in front of the Australina, New Zealand and Canadian flags.

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Three Antarctic expeditioners stand on snow holding an dice drill

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Three expeditioners standing on snow at the Antarctic Circle sign

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Group of badminton players posing for a photo

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A welcoming party stand with the Terrabus outside the buildings at Wilkins aerodrome

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Two Antarctic expeditioners stand on sastrugi on a sunny day.

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An outdoor gathering of expeditioners

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A rustic timber hut

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A post covered from top to bottom in town names and distances stands on top of a rocky hill. In the background the sky is filled with a large stormy cloud and the ground is covered in snow.

Reflections on the winter Read more

A large yellow bulldozer parked on a flat expanse of snow covered ice. There is an even layer of low cloud stretching out to the horizon.

Wilkins Aerodrome comes to life after a winter hibernation. Read more

A television monitor displaying the wind speed and other weather data to expeditioners.

Our boilermaker and welder recounts what it's like when 'black'… Read more

This view is looking across the snow covered ground from station. There is low rocky hills in the middle of the photo, with the sky lit up with colours from the sun which has set below the horizon.

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Traverse preparations for the Million Year Ice Core Project Read more

A person walks aways from camera leaving fresh footprints in the snow under a moody sky

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A man in a red jacket and beanie stands atop a snow covered rocky outcrop. In the distant background is the ice face of the shoreline. The sky is clear and blue.

A roundup of events from our ice whispering Field Training Officer. Read more

A lady is leaning over a stainless steel bench and smiling at the camera with a coffee placed on the bench in front of her. There is shelving above containing various cereals.

Coffee and morale ... enough said! Read more

Snow blowing over some low rocky hills, blending into a grey sky in the background.

Contemplations and reflections from a traverse Dieso. Read more

A man is sitting in between two racks of steel food trays, inside a large kitchen cool room. He is stirring a big bowl of eggs and smiling at the camera. His left index finger is bandaged.

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Two men stand on top of a rocky snow covered hill facing a mast. The mast holds a wind vane on top of it.

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A man with a beard and wearing sunglasses is taking selfie with a snow covered ground behind him.

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A snow encased green Hagglunds vehicle

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A small wooden hut that stands on a rocky hilltop, elevated on stumps. The hut is anchored to the ground with steel cables and is constructed of bare plywood. A woman stands in front of the closed door, dressed in yellow cold weather clothing and smiling back at the camera.

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A man in yellow survival clothing, carrying a backpack, is walking across ice covered ground. The sky behind is clear and blue.

Electricians explore the Browning Peninsula Read more

A person undertakes a push up on the snow under a purple and green aurora

Another challenge in an already challenging environment Read more

Two moustachioed men smile while holding a small shoebox sized timber box with electronics and lights visible on top.

Our Station Leader reflects on the history and celebrations of midwinter Read more

A man in yellow survival clothing stands to the right of a metal sign, with the background completely white with snow. The sign says Antarctic Circle, and has two small metal penguins on the top of it.

A Mechanical Engineer reflects on applying his skills in one of the most… Read more

A man stands to the left of the photo, close to the camera and filling half of the shot. He is wearing a big black jacket with a hood, with goggles and a full face covering. In the background on the right is a snow covered hill with a square blue tracked vehicle parked with it's front facing the camera.

Birthday reflections from an old Met-Tech Read more

This photo is of the ice runway area at Wilkins Aerodrome at sunrise. There is a large white commercial aircraft in the lower middle of the picture, silhouetted with the orange and purple sky behind it. To the left of the photo is a small square vehicle.

Departing the remote Wilkins Aerodrome for the big smoke of Casey station Read more

It is night time, and a yellow dome shaped tent sits on the snow covered ground. There is a light inside the tent, illuminating it. The sky is a very dark blue, almost black, and filled with stars.

The milestone month of May, a birthday bonanza! Read more

The foreground of this photo is a lightly snow covered rocky piece of ground. It is night time and the sky in the background is full of stars. There are tall vertical beams of light that are green at the base, transitioning into red at the tops. They vary in height, with the tallest filling the middle third of the picture.

The life of a Communications Technical Officer in Antarctica Read more

A square green vehicle with tracks like a tank is filling the bottom left of the photo. It is night time and the sky is filled with stars and also vertical streaks of green and red, generated by particles from the sun hitting our atmosphere. In the right foreground are a couple of large steel loader buckets off some heavy machinery.

A station Mechanical Supervisor's happy place: a workshop full of heavy… Read more

A man in orange hi-vis workwear is leaning on a white steel workbench. He is wearing a black baseball cap and glasses. In the background there is a large silver steel water tank and pipes stretching across the photo.

A Casey plumber marks a milestone in a multi-year water infrastructure… Read more

Three flag poles occupy the main part of the photo, with flags at half mast, and a light orange sunset in the background. The flags are all Australian, with the left one being white for the Navy, the centre one is the dark blue Australian Flag, and the right hand flag is light blue for the Airforce. The flag poles are mounted on a snow covered rocky hill and the sky is partly cloudy.

ANZAC Day commemoration and reflections from an expeditioner Read more

A close up view of a penguin, staring directly at the camera, with its' head tilted slightly to the left of frame. The penguin has a raised band of black feathers behind its' head which gives it an appearance of a styled haircut. The background of the photo is filled with large grey rocks.

An appetising April snapshot from our Winter Doctor Read more

A small yellow tent with a glowing light inside is located in the foreground of the picture. It is set up on snow covered ground and in the distance is a glimpse of the water, and distant icebergs. The sky is glowing orange and blue in the twilight.

A rundown from our one man 'Team Boilermaker'. Read more

People are placing a big red letter "I" in the snow with plastic panel markers

An Antarctic perspective from our wintering Field Training Officer Read more

Two people stand on a snow covered hill, with the face of a large glacier stretching away in the background. The person on the right is wearing yellow winter pants and jacket, the person on the left has black clothing, and a large backpack. There are several large pieces of ice floating in the water in front of the crumbling glacier face.

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Person in winter clothing and hi-vis vest standing in front of a large Airforce cargo plane, on a runway made of ice.

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A crowd of people in Antarctic survival gear look on towards a C-17A in the background.

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Woman smiling and kneeling on inflatable boat holding tiller. Blue water and snow-covered rocks in the background, with sun shining.

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A red inflatable boat with five people in the middle of a blue bay surrounded by white ice cliffs.

Boating trips at Casey station Read more

Person with large backpack and ice-axe looks down on blue bay with penguins on ice in the background.

When submissions are requested for our end of summer season charity… Read more

An orange melon-shaped structure pitched on a wooden platform, with a lake and snow-covered rocks in the background against a sunrise.

Breakfasting at Bunger, and Casey feels. Read more

A red and white Twin Otter aircraft with skis parked on the ice.

Fun and games at Casey station Read more

A Boeing C-17 Globemaster parked on ice with a refuelling tractor in the foreground

Flying High on the 7th Continent Read more

Cirrostratus cloud and halo over Casey's blue Balloon Shed

Resupply reflections from 'The Bureau' Read more

Antarctic expeditioner standing in front of DC-3 aircraft

Icy musings from a Met-Tech Read more

Two cooks braiding Challa dough

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