An expeditioner's meditation, and the longing for the return of animals to the continent

The walk and the seal

Some days you just need a walk.

Sometimes the walk is not long enough, so you walk it again.

Sometimes the walk is interrupted …

… is that a seal?

No, it’s a rock.

Has there always been a rock there? Beside that pressure ridge?

I think so.

I spent all summer thinking those rocks over that other side were seals.

I even convinced a few others.

That’s a bit embarrassing.

He’d gone before I could correct the record. Sorry!

It is a seal!

A sealy rock? A sealy looking rock?

The rocks are grey. Grey-ey brown.

That rock’s black. Like water slickened fur.

And it’s right beside a pressure ridge and some open water. There’s no rock there!

It IS a seal! The first of the summer!

He’s just in time for the blizzard.

Sealy seal.

- Ben Patrick