Snow covered mountain with boulders in foreground and a bright blue sky

Settling into the summer ahead Read more

A person with a large back pack kneeling in snow with penguins

The stories of a summer start-up Read more

A man wearing a bandana standing in front of a stainless steel self-serve counter, with bain-maries filled with meat and vegetables he has prepared

A sparky-slushy's reflections on the year Read more

A man drilling into sea ice, leaning his weight onto a hollow drill bit over a metre long stuck perpendicularly into the ice. Another man is stretched out on his side beside the drilling hole, pretending to hold the bit steady and smiling at the camera

The science of monitoring sea ice Read more

A man with headphones on, sitting at a desk in a dim room lit only by a desk lamp. On the desk in front of him are a laptop computer, notebook pen, and two small radio units with tuning knobs and a display screen

A dispatch from a Casey Comms Tech on the station's skills and talents Read more

An Adélie penguin streaked with dirt, standing upright with flippers held out, as if on guard. A small pile of stones, the beginning of a nest, lies at its feet

The summer season is upon us Read more

A young man in black polarfleece clothing is lying prone on a stretch of sea ice. He has propped himself up on his elbows to watch the antics of a group of Adélie penguins some metres away

Heading out to meet Casey's wildlife Read more

A zoomed in photo of a Royal Australian Airforce C-17 cargo plane in flight

A special delivery for Casey station Read more

A man in an orange work shirt, protective eyewear, earmuffs, and a respirator mask , making "rock on" gestures with both hands at the camera

"Professor" Braiden Richards from Casey's prestigious mechanical… Read more

A view from behind of three people walking across a snowy plain bordered with low hills. Two of the people are pulling sleds loaded with gear, the third carries a large pack on his back. The sky is bright blue fringed with grey clouds.

A chance to take in some vitamin "Dee" Read more

A man wearing high-vis work clothing, earmuffs and a cowboy hat is operating a chainsaw to cut through a thick sheet of ice covering a lake. Behind him, across a stretch of snow-covered ground, are the bright blue, yellow, green and red buildings of an Antarctic station

For love. For honour. For Casey station. Read more

A wide plain covered with wind-rippled snow under a sky half-veiled with high cloud. A narrow mast with a wind vane and small propeller on top stands in the centre of the picture, apparently anchored to the ground with guy wires, but the base of the mast appears to be buried deep under the snow

How Jadon conquered Law Dome, with a 6-strong army of mechanics… Read more

Rocks forming a small peak on top of a snow-covered slope. A dark blue Hägglunds vehicle is parked in front of the peak. Three people are exploring near the base of the peak

Reaching the heights of teamwork Read more

A group of about 25 people, many of them in checked flannel shirts, some wearing blonde, curly wigs, assembled close together in a lounge area for a group photo

Murder, mayhem, moonshine, mullets, and more ... Read more

A polyhedral structure on rocky, snowy ground, beneath a night sky lit up with an aurora, presently showing as two parallel bands of bright green light

Meditations on springtime down south, exotic ice creams, and the Steves ... Read more

Three people in thick winter clothing walking over a snowy plain. They are pulling small sleds loaded with gear behind them, by ropes attached to their waists

An arduous trek (well, a nice stroll on a winter's day) across Antarctica… Read more

A small, rectangular building mounted on sleds, being towed by a tractor across an icy plain. Another tractor is hitched to the rear of the building. The sky is greyish-white with layers of high cloud, behind which the sun shines brightly

Time to push off and push some snow Read more

A corner of a cold porch, with three thick winter jackets and a pair of overalls hung up on hooks, a few pairs of boots beneath them, and a pair of thick gloves, a water bottle and a 2-way radio lying on a bench

One man’s mission to wish someone a happy birthday. Read more

A tractor hitched to a row of large cargo containers mounted on sleds, ready to pull them across the snow

Trials and tasks for the traverse team to tackle, for tractable… Read more

Two men in thick winter work clothing standing on a bank of snow. One is using a long-handled tool to dig a deep hole in the snow. A shovel and a pickaxe are lying nearby

Things currently happening with Casey's electricians, Brenden, Hank and… Read more

The sun setting over the ocean, beneath low clouds, viewed from some low, rocky hills strewn with snow. Across the water to one side is a glacier, appearing like flat-topped cliffs of ice edging the ocean

How to while away the gloomier months of the year Read more

Ten men in high-vis work shirts or jackets, sunglasses and beanies, standing in a row, making 'peace' signs with their fingers. The ground is covered with snow, with a low, rocky hill rising behind them

Getting to know one of the Casey crew, plus the first round of the… Read more

Six people in robust weatherproof clothing including face coverings, thick gloves and padded jackets, standing on a flat, snow-covered stretch of sea ice. They are all wearing large backpacks and carrying ice axes. One holds a powered drill with a metre-long drill flight attached

Learning how to walk on water (when it's frozen) Read more

A night scene at an Antarctic station, with a large green shed, a signpost and some parked vehicles in a snowy, rocky area. Some station lights appear as spears of orange light reaching high into the air

Physical and optical marvels of the south Read more

A group of about 30 people in Antarctic weatherproof clothing, arranged in 2 rows sitting, kneeling and standing by a square-shaped pool of water in a wide expanse of sea ice. A red beach and umbrella and a couple of surfboards are set up near the pool's edge for decoration

Long-lasting celebrations for the longest night of the year Read more

A large earth-digging vehicle made from Lego with its shovel raised parked on snowy ground. There are low hills and sea ice in the background

Casey's LEGO enthusiasts get to work Read more

A rectangular hut in a snowy location. The hut's exterior is made of weathered wood and metal panels. A tall pile of snow has built up against its door, blocking entry

Weekend rovings of some of our more 'seasoned' expeditioners Read more

A Challenger tractor towing a flatbed. The cloudy sky appears to merge seamlessly with the snowy ground

A journey of a thousand kilometres begins with mechanical work Read more

A night scene in a location with shipping containers. Large, red letters spelling "CASEY" are erected on a rise behind them. The night sky is thickly- and brightly-starred and the pale glow of the Milky Way can be seen extending from the horizon

A typically extraordinary week of Antarctic experiences Read more

A richly-coloured sunset scene, showing an ocean and distant icebergs in silhouette beneath a darkening vermilion sky. Low clouds above the sunset are outlined in bright gold

Perceptions of the Antarctic environment and the world at large Read more

One man relaxing in an armchair, with another man kneeling beside him with a mock microphone, as if conducting a TV interview

An inquisitive diesel mechanic sets out in search of tradie truths Read more

Two men standing on a metal grille landing attached to a tall building with a red-painted metal exterior. A tracked vehicle with a flatbed in tow is parked on the snowy ground behind them. The sky is soft blue in the early morning light

Mysterious forces are at work at Casey … Read more

Two men stand on either side of an indoor flagpole bearing the Australian and New Zealand flags. A man with military medals on his jacket stands in front of them, reading aloud from a programme

Casey commemorates the Anzac legend Read more

A white paper napkin folded into the shape of a rabbit's head, placed on a dining table in front of some wine bottles

Easter explorations and celebrations at Casey Read more

A towering cloud formation in the sky, appearing as flat layers rising from a fluffy base, widening out on top, with a nebulous column rising through the middle

Weather Observer Barry shares some scenery of the skies and grounds around… Read more

A close-up of an elephant seal lying amid smears of bodily waste in a rocky hollow

Last interactions with Casey's summer wildlife Read more

Three people out on the snow in front of a large, open transport container containing assorted trunks, toolboxes and other gear. They are examining some drilling apparatus, a slim cylindrical device a few metres long, mounted on a metal stand in a horizontal position

Testing traverse vehicles and scientific equipment for a future expedition Read more

A Basler aircraft, bright orange with a white underside and ski apparatus fixed to its front wheels, is parked on a flat, snowy plain under a clear blue sky

Chef Justin reflects on the summer past and looks ahead at the winter to… Read more

Two long bundles of ropes laid out down a gentle snowy slope, towards an ocean bay. Some people in winter jackets and helmets are inspecting the ropes' layout

Search and rescue training exercises at Casey Read more

An A319 passenger plane has just landed on a wide, flat plain of snow and ice. A cloud of snow is kicked up in its wake as it goes down the ice runway. The glow of sunrise gently lights the scene

Expedition mechanic Harry on his time at Wilkins Aerodrome Read more

Ten tradesmen wearing high-vis work clothing, sunglasses, caps and beanies seated together in a row on a metal beam and smiling for the camera. The ground is covered with snow and a low, rocky hillside can be seen behind them

Intrepid reporter/engineer Shaun gives an overview of Casey’s summer crew Read more

Two posters printed on A4 paper hung on a wall. The first features photos of ships in an icy Southern Ocean, with text: "Casey Talk: The Future of Antarctica's Marine Science - by Nicole Webster". The second poster features a photo of a person standing on the ruined stump of a large tree in a forest logging area, with text: "Casey Talk - What Can Art Do? - by Janet Laurence"

Scientific research, a showcase of professional and amateur arts and… Read more

An aerial view of the edge of a glacier where it meets the ocean. The glacier looks like a great, white coastline, with low, dune-like wave formations and rugged, rock-like texture.

Securing weather data from the field Read more

A roomful of people, some sitting on chairs, sofas or on the floor, some standing, looking up at a projector screen

Creative and sporting pursuits at Casey Read more

Three people, dressed up as a Christmas elf, Dr Seuss's Grinch and Santa Claus, huddled together and smiling for the camera

Station summer holiday extravaganza Read more

A cargo transport ship, surrounded by large chunks of sea ice

Restocked and ready for the year ahead… Read more

Two large ships, one with a red hull, the other with a yellow hull, beside each other in the ocean, viewed over a rocky and snowy coastline. A number of icebergs are floating in the background, on the ocean horizon

Cargo and refuelling ships arrive at Casey station Read more

A young couple standing on top of a hill overlooking the ocean. The man is proposing marriage to the woman, offering her an engagement ring

Peter and Natasha's special Antarctic discovery: each other Read more

A group of people assembled in two rows for a photo between two snow vehicles. The front row are kneeling, most in the back row are holding skis and ski poles.

Fine weather brings out Casey research station members and their… Read more