Securing weather data from the field

Automatic Weather Station maintenance at Snyder Rocks

Last week, a group of expeditioners flew by Twin Otter aircraft from Casey to Snyder Rocks, a field location approximately 130 km southwest of the station, to replace an Automatic Weather Station (AWS).

AWS instruments provide the latest information about weather conditions at various field locations within and outside the station's operating limits. The weather observations are very useful when planning and conducting research, deep field or other activities off-station - particularly when aircraft are involved.

The harshness of the Antarctic climate means our AWS require regular maintenance, and this trip was one of several completed this summer. While on the ground, it was also a great opportunity to check the condition of the seismology equipment co-located at Snyder Rocks.

The flight to Snyder Rocks is quite spectacular, with views of the Vanderford Glacier to the south and many large icebergs in Vincennes Bay.

-Ben Roberts (Met Forecaster)