Scientific research, a showcase of professional and amateur arts and crafts, and a Ping-Pong championship match

Casey's summer of science, arts and sport

As the summer season is drawing to a close, the station remains busy with science teams making the most of the good weather. New works projects are starting, others continue along and handovers to the winter team have started.

The station has enjoyed colourful, informative talks and presentations from many of the science teams and also from Janet Laurence, the AAD Arts Fellowship candidate. The teams put together a Science Day, well received by expeditioners who got to see new worlds through microscopic lenses and drone footage.

Some of our wonderful summer team are heading home soon, but not before a fabulous display of powerful Ping-Pong with King Kym coming out on top.

A formal farewell dinner with a Casino Royale theme was held on Saturday night, followed by a charity auction that included some unique arts and crafts produced by talented expeditioners and also some prized cans of beer!

All up, over $40,000 was collected for a variety of different charities. Top bid of $7,500 went to Danny Le Fevre’s stunning wooden rocking horse, which he started constructing in 1997 while in Antarctica and completed this season. Heartfelt thanks to all involved in the organising of this worthy event and to the generosity of all the contributors.

-Deirdre McCormack (Dee) - Station Doctor