Group of expedtioners in yellow and black winter wear, standing in front of a twin propellored white plane which is parked on the ice. Blue sky above.

A fly over station for famil, we meet the Casey comms team and five… Read more

Man with beard and sun glasses dressed in penguin outfit in foreground with tracked white and orange bus behind.

The station recovers from a visit from the school kids on the ‘Name our… Read more

Full frame of weddell seals face lying on its side.

Another busy week at Casey! An impressive new addition to the team, busy… Read more

C-17, large grey military aircraft landing on ice runway with red and white basler aircraft on airfield apron in foreground.

Another busy week at Casey with flights, visitors, survival training with… Read more

Rocky hill with cross on top with expeditioners sillouetted against the horizen

With a new team in place there is plenty of training underway and we get… Read more

Aerodrome manager speaks over the PA to passengers

A new team is welcomed to Casey station and farewell the 70th ANARE. Read more

Simon Jodrell standing outside with a hill in the background.

We are wrapping up the season with photos of the 70th ANARE team. Read more

A man in the kitchen cleaning up.

There has been lots of scrubbing and polishing this week, getting… Read more

Mark and Stu on the sea ice with sleds.

A team head out on a trek pulling sleds, which turns out to be harder than… Read more

Stu with screw driver working on a bench.

With only 19 days before the first plane is expected to arrive, the… Read more

Three men stand inside looking at the building ready to make repairs.

This week a team headed to Wilkins to start blowing snow off the runway… Read more

Two expeditioners in snow.

With perfect conditions for golf the ‘Antarctic Golf Amateurs’ begin their… Read more

Snow ingress in the workshop.

The aviation team have now headed up the hill and are based up at Wilkins… Read more

A hand made lamp that has a lot of wires artistically put around the globe.

The team show their artistic side, producing works for the Casey craft… Read more

A man holding a large thermometer out on the snow.

A team head out on a traverse to Law Dome and service the automatic… Read more

AWS mast on a rocky hill with pink sky

A traverse to Haupt Nunataks was successful with the automatic weather… Read more

Traverse van all packed up and ready to go.

A team traverse to Law Dome in very cold temperatures to conduct… Read more

Scottish, Jimbo, Mark and Sealy at darts board

The strongest blizzard this season hits the Casey, station doctor Elise… Read more

Six expeditioners standing on Haupt Nunatak

An automated weather station gets some maintenance and is back online… Read more

Van and vehicles in front of workshop.

The plumbers perform a mid-winter water transfer, part of the team travel… Read more

View of station across broken sea ice.

The Casey team start to think about summer, what they will do when they… Read more

Misty in front of Basler and the A319

This week we get to know Misty the winter aerodrome manager a little… Read more

Chris and the ice penguin that he carved

Find out what our our ‘lay surgical assistants’ do in their ‘normal’… Read more

Chef and two expeditiones shelling lobsters.

Introducing Dr Elise, taking a photographic tour of the station and… Read more

People dressed as characters from Star Wars.

We celebrate midwinters with good company, good food and dancing in ‘The… Read more

Andrew the chef holding a jug in the kitchen.

Some of the team get off station for a well-earned break and enjoy being… Read more

Flag poles with the aboriginal and torres strait Islanders flags flying and moon at Casey

A team travel over to Browning Peninsular to test the sea ice depth, we… Read more

Metal from with solar panel on it in workshop

There have been lots of birthdays and the art of gift giving is not lost. Read more

Two workers looking at a wall on construction site

Another busy week here at Casey with the utility building renovations… Read more

snowy hill showing SAR excercise site

This week at Casey the team ‘rescue’ two of their own in an exercise, we… Read more

Two wonen sitting on wall

We want to wish all the mums out there (especially ours) a Happy Mothers… Read more

Three expeditioners

Find out the real reason why expeditioners like to go to Jacks Donga! We… Read more

Sealy with birthday cake

It’s getting colder and darker however, the Casey team start the… Read more

Three people walking on snow towing sleds

It has been an action packed two weeks, with the ‘Casey Walking Club’… Read more

The mess decorated for a chinese feast

Our first formal dinner, a weather update and the Browning Peninsula… Read more

Andrew cutting a birthday cake

A birthday is celebrated, sunsets admired and a field trip to Wilkes… Read more

Sunsetting beside the Red Shed

The blizzards have started and the team have been busy winterising the… Read more

The A319 aircraft on the ice runway being boarded by expeditioners in yellow suits

With much work completed the team welcome winter and say ‘farewell’ to the… Read more

A yellow Hägglunds with an ocean view in the background

The summerers reflect and the 10 best pictures of the season. Read more

Tents are set up on the ice.

Making the most of the last of the summer with some training ready for… Read more

Wilkins Facilities Block with Hägglunds parked out front

The flights continue while a visitor takes a unique look at Casey. Read more

Expeditioners provide first aid to the patient during the SAR exercise

Training goes on and the scientists from the ICECAP project say goodbye. Read more

An expeditioner out in the field near Casey station

A first timers view of Casey and some more trips including one to Jack’s… Read more

Casey expeditioners go in for a swim at the Casey boat ramp

This week we feature Australia Day celebrations and get some new visitors. Read more

Expeditioners lower a patient down a slope as part of SAR Training

More training, a camping trip and a much travelled cardboard box. Read more

The Casey remediation site before being covered

Work goes on and an old friend returns. Read more

A Casey electrician takes a break from setting up a temporary power supply

Back to work on some large projects, the importance of maintaining… Read more

An expeditioner recives a Christmas gift from Santa

Christmas and New Year celebrations at Casey happen all at once. The… Read more