There has been lots of scrubbing and polishing this week, getting everything in order for the incoming summer crew.

End of winter station clean up day

This week at Casey we are all focussed on cleaning and tidying workspaces and setting up accommodation for the incoming summer expeditioners.

The kitchen has been dismantled and scrubbed down, and restocked to cater for a station population which will increase from 19 to 51 with the arrival of the first flight. The steam cleaning has been running 8 hours a day and station is looking great.

All workgroups have set about preparing end of season reports, and documenting handover plans to share with the incoming wintering team.

A few field parties headed out over the past weekend and earlier in the week towards Penney Bay and also to Shirley Island to check on the arrival of wildlife. To date no Adélie penguins have been spotted. The odd seal is seen out on the sea ice in the distance, but they have not arrived at Penney Bay in any great numbers as yet.

The team based up at Wilkins aerodrome continue to work towards runway preparations, and were supported this past week supported by Zac, Watto and Clint, who took their turn on swinging a crow bar to undertake runway repairs. Great progress continues to be made and we look forward to the arrival of the first flight!

Jacque Comery, Station Leader