An automated weather station gets some maintenance and is back online sending weather data back to station, we get to know Sealy and Mat shares his favourite pictures.

Station update

After another weekend of wind we awoke on Sunday to find open ocean once again off the coast of Casey, with sea ice having been blown out during the night. The unexpected weather didn’t dampen the spirits of the field party out at Wilkes of Scottish, Andrew, Ash, Ricky and Watto who were entertained by the unexpected crashes, bangs and thumps during the night.

Early in the week the station traverse team members completed their preparations for training ahead of the Casey 2017 traverse trips. Doc Elise hosted a session on all thing medical including suturing and injections, and Muscles took the team through their paces with Hägg recovery training (on a chilly −25°C day!)

The Haupt Nunatak traverse party headed out from Casey on Tuesday evening to complete the annual AWS servicing. Despite some unplanned logistic challenges the trip was a great success and the automatic weather station is now back on line, and providing weather data to station.

Jacque Comery SL 


5 minutes with the Casey 70th ANARE crew: Sealy

Name: William

Nicknames: Sealy

From: Gladstone, QLD

Previous seasons? Davis 2014/2015 — 68th ANARE for winter

Job title: Wilkins Aerodrome Mechanic

Describe your role in two sentences:

Keep the machinery and generators going to get the next plane here safely.

Organise the station darts team to play the other stations.

What did you do before your joined the AAD?

Various roles from defence to mining to mineral processing and mechanic.

What is your favourite part of your job here at Casey?

Watching the planes arrive on schedule and being part of the team that makes that happen.

If you were not a dieso, what would be your dream job?

Yacht engineer in exotic places — you know those high end multi-million dollar ones.

How does this season at Casey compare to your previous seasons down south?

You can’t compare seasons; Casey is so different from Davis in so many ways. I miss travelling down iceberg alley on quad bikes.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Play darts.

What song sums up your Casey experience so far?

Chicken fried — hear that song almost every day.

What actor would play you in a film version of our 70th ANARE season here at Casey?

No idea — maybe Russell Crowe?

What is your favourite hut for field trips and why?

Wilkes Hilton — best pizzas this side of the 60th parallel in East Antarctica!

Favourite piece of Australian Antarctic Division kit?

Carharrts and Canada Goose jackets.

What is your typical ‘Slushy FM’ genre? Do you have a particular favourite?

Pink Floyd, and 90’s music mixed with some comedy.

Describe your Casey experience with: a sight, a smell, a sound, a feeling and a taste.

Sight — auroras over the ice

Smell — bacon cooking on a Saturday morning

Sound — Jimbo’s singing — whatever’s going through his head that day

Feeling — cold — go figure

Taste — pizza straight off the fire box at Wilkes

Do you have a favourite quote that you’d like to leave us with?

I’m happy sometimes…

My Casey in pictures: Mat Callaghan