The blizzards have started and the team have been busy winterising the station and there are celebrations for Harmony and St Patricks Day. There is plenty of great food coming out of the kitchen and the tradies show their versatility in being able to fix whatever needs fixing!

Station update

This week the weather at Casey has given us all a good introduction to winter. By all reports the incidences of blizzards over summer was fewer than the norm, but this week we were treated to two. Winds over much of the weekend persisted in the 60 to 70 knot range, and the maximum gust recorded on Tuesday morning was 80 knots. This gave us a good test of our winter readiness, and as it turns out we are quite well prepared!

Station had been entertained all week with a daily celebration of an ‘International Day’ of some description being displayed via the mess message board. Varying degrees of celebration have been mounted for events such as ‘snowman burning day', ‘forests day', and ‘read someone a bedtime story day'. Harmony Day was recognised with the flying of the Australian and New Zealand Flags, together with the UN, Aboriginal and ANARE flags.

Earlier in the week, the Wallow was transformed into shades of green with expeditioners partaking in St Patrick’s Day complete with a batch of green beer prepared by the brewing team.

The Wilkins crew joined us on station for the weekend for some well–earned rest, and to wait out the blizzard that blew all weekend. After indulging in an internet top up, and many an ice cream sundae, the crew headed back ‘up the hill’ to Wilkins again on Monday afternoon to continue with the winterisation of the aerodrome facility and runway.

The sea ice is trying to form up down in the bay, but it is blown away again after each wind event.

With the crew settling well into their winter works programs, field trip planning is now also underway, with expeditioners keen to get some experience out in the field whilst the weather is still good.

Jacque Comery (Station Leader)

Casey kitchen capers

Now that all the summer crowds have left we have made the Red Shed our own and in the kitchen this week we have been enjoying the more relaxed pace. There was a guest appearance from our guest baker, the frying Scotsman, for St Patrick’s Day with his Guinness pies. He was very well received.

Our first brunch of the winter was just what the doctor ordered, with everyone enjoying a well–earned rest.

Saturday night the Casey pizza bar did a roaring trade with guest appearances from Clint, Adam and Muscles.

We have tried some interesting table setups in the dining room this week, with the table tennis dining table combo very popular.

So more low calorie treats for the future!

Andrew (Chef)

Postmix critical response team

Recently we had a critical failure on station — priority one repair job. Not the power house, or the water pumps but the Coke machine — just behind the brewery and coffee machine in its criticality.

Fridgey Wayne was straight on to it, even working the day he flew home. We took it to the workshop, pulling it apart, finding the gas leak in the piping and then fixing it with some skilled welding and a fair bit of hope.

The trades team including master plumber Ducky took the opportunity to give the whole machine a rebirth, removing the dust off the radiator, cleaning all the syrup lines and removing the build up from the drain.

The machine has been back in operation for a week or so now, and while the temperature is back to a perfect 0.8°C, the verdict on the level of carbonation is a contentious one. Fingers crossed it will get us through the winter.

S Jodrell