This week a team headed to Wilkins to start blowing snow off the runway and make repairs to the buildings.

A week at Wilkins

Last week six of us — Scottish, Watto, Muscles, Stu, Matty and I got called up from Casey and went south, up the hill to Wilkins runway to help with the next stage in the runway building process. The three Wilkins crew had worked tirelessly for a few weeks to pump out clearing snow from the more than 3km long stretch of blue ice.

The Wilkins team are following a defined, precise plan that ensures our safety during the five month flying season ahead, and our part was to help with the whatever they needed, including repair any faults on the buildings ready for the summer season.

We got to enjoy a spectacular ‘sun dog’ a meteorological phenomenon whilst on the runway. Watto cooked up a storm in the kitchen with some epic t–bones and a garlic sauce by Misty in the newfound Thermomix!

It was long hours of tough work, but we enjoyed relaxing, watching ‘All Aussie Adventures’ at the only Casey hut south of the Antarctic Circle. Not fun being outside in −30°C for an extended period, but it is exciting to know it’s contributing towards going home.

On return we celebrated Jim’s 30th, with Jim returned to his old faithful, ‘seat position’ in the mess, a cake and a kiss was delivered by Ducky.