With perfect conditions for golf the ‘Antarctic Golf Amateurs’ begin their Spring tour and others are up at the runway getting it ready for the season ahead.

Station update

The sunshine has continued at Casey all week this week. In fact to take advantage of the fine weather, we enjoyed Sunday afternoon beers in a sun pit dug out on the heli pad in front of the red shed. The gorgeous sunshine belies the fact that it is still somewhat cool down here, something we realised when the beers and cheese platter froze.

Earlier this week, Ducky, having finally had enough of  standing on Lego pieces on the floor of his room during the night, conceded defeat in trying to build his Lego Death Star. The Death Star was moved into the Library, in the middle of the putt putt course, along with a plea for assistance from all Station. Linc has been a willing contributor to date, and we are all hopeful for the chance of a Death Start completion party before the first flight!

Back on station an additional six people have been working up at Wilkins this week assisting the Wilkins Crew with runway repairs. This has left only 13 of us down here at Casey, and to say it is quiet would be an understatement. Everyone is steadily continuing with winter works programs, working through the final maintenance tasks ahead of the commencement of the summer season. We are all enjoying the last few weeks of ‘normal’ station life, before the cleaning, packing and last minute field trips start!

And finally, if you cast your mind back to August, when the Casey team took out first place in the 48 hour film festival, with our Boy Band video ‘Casey’s back'… ( ok, ok we lost the darts!) …it seems that the full effect of the singing and dancing talent of Watto, Muscles, Scottish, Simo and Sealy is still rippling out and being felt across the Antarctic community.

This week we received some awesome fan mail from our counterpartsover at the French Base Dumont D'Urville . It just goes to show that we are all one big Antarctic community down here… and the French expeditioners have amazing musical taste. Thanks Coline and Erwan!

We would like to thank you for your amazing music show for the 48h movie!

So, as your FFF (First French Fan), we decided to send you a little supporting picture of us.

Please let us know the date of your boys band tour. Will we have the delightful pleasure of seeing you in Dumont D'Urville station?!

Well, more seriously, thanks for your nice 48h, we really enjoyed it and we have to confess that several persons are still singing it from time to time!

We wish you the best for the end of your winter.


Coline et Erwan from DDU, french station!”

AGA Spring tour

With the sun on the rise and the 100 knot winds at bay (for now) and no need to worry about the chance of delicious fresh juicy food falling from the air, the Casey chapter of the AGA (Antarctic Golf Amateurs) began its spring tour. 

The tour began at Jacks Donga, where fresh powder snow inhibited any chance of gaining a few extra metres of ball roll and also began the ‘treasure hunt’ theme of finding bright pink golf balls under a foot of snow. This theme continued on the second stop of the tour — Robbos Hut. No one should ever complain about a foot of fresh powder and a sunny day, perfect golfing conditions!

The third stop was Wilkes station, an exclusive heritage golf course that also boasts the popular five star Wilkes Hilton. Wood-fired pizza and auroras anyone?

So far, the tour consists of two people: Weather observer Skink Lamesbridge — because good observation of the weather is key to making golf small talk; and Doc Elise — because apparently every doctor should play golf and you're not a real doctor if you don’t. 

Entries are open for the fourth stop of the spring tour: Browning Hut.