Restocked and ready for the year ahead…

Casey’s cargo operations completed

With the RSV Nuyina having recently departed Casey’s shores, the general cargo ship Happy Dragon repositioned herself in Newcomb Bay on 17 January to recommence cargo operations. While a foul day of weather followed soon after the Dragon’s pick (or anchor) was dropped, we started back up on 19 January.

Just as Nuyina’s refuelling went quickly the week prior, we were soon in the position of receiving our final load ashore (a traverse sled) and farewelling our last Return to Australia (or RTA) load – Casey’s much loved and trusty Mack truck. In the 28 days since the Happy Dragon’s arrival, Casey received around 1,200 t of cargo and dispatched 570 t of RTA. Given that the weather was always throwing us curveballs, it was a fantastic collective effort from ship and station to complete such a large resupply operation. And not only did the station receive critical cargo to keep the station running (especially our food!), but also Deep Traverse Project equipment for the AAD’s Million Year Ice Core program in subsequent years.

With the second ship leaving Casey (again higher in the water than when it arrived), it was time for Casey to take a knee and a deep breath, and catch up on Christmas, New Year’s and Australia Day celebrations. But more on that next week.

– Dave Buller (Station Leader)