Peter and Natasha's special Antarctic discovery: each other

We met on a bus

We met on a bus en route to the Australian Antarctic Division headquarters in Kingston, the two of us on pre-departure training for an adventure to the icy continent of Antarctica.

Very quickly the two of us became nearly inseparable. When we weren’t busy learning new skills and training to prepare ourselves for our roles “down south”, we spent time enjoying the gastronomic delights and incredible scenery Tassie has to offer.

This was not to last however, with Natasha being stationed at Casey while Peter was stationed at Davis, both of us on winter expeditions which eventually extended out to more than 500 days.

Surprised at the connection we had made together, and at how much we missed each other, we continued our relationship at a long distance. We managed to bridge the 1,400 km gap between Casey and Davis with the modern marvels of satellite internet connection.

During summer months operational flights between stations allowed opportunity for obliging expeditioners to help us exchange hand-made gifts and letters to each other. On occasion we dressed up for each other and had virtual dinner dates, to the amusement of fellow expeditioners who appeared passing through the background of our video calls.

Eventually, our tenure in Antarctica came to a finish, with Natasha flying home from Casey and patiently waiting for Peter to arrive back on Australian shores upon the MPV Everest.

Once reunited, the two of us moved in together and embarked upon “domestic bliss”, quickly getting back to work in our respective careers with new jobs, and putting energy into house and landscaping projects.

With another Antarctic employment application put forth, Peter decided to return to Antarctica for a “short” summer season working at Casey station in his role as an Instrument Electrician a.k.a. “Sparky”. Thankfully, with a very busy shipping schedule for this season Natasha was also asked to join in her profession as Expedition Medical Officer, a.k.a. “Ship’s Doctor”.

The stage was set. Unbeknownst to Natasha, Peter had some help organising an engagement ring while in pre-departure isolation with plans to make an Antarctic proposal.

So, on the morning of Sunday the 9th of January 2022, with the two of us re-re-united at Casey station, we took a walk to Reeve’s Hill, along with a couple of gentlemen who just happened to have their suspiciously good camera equipment with them.

A proposal was made overlooking the breathtaking surrounds. The answer? An unequivocal “yes”.

- Natasha Behrendorff and Peter Boyle