How Jadon conquered Law Dome, with a 6-strong army of mechanics, electricians and deep field experts

Travelling in style into the Antarctic heartland

My name is Jadon, I work for the Bureau of Meteorology as the Met Tech at Casey this season.

A few weeks ago, I was due to perform the annual maintenance on the Automatic Weather Station (AWS) at Law Dome, about 120km inland from Casey station.

I gathered up six of my assistants and tasked them with preparing my traverse – sleeping quarters, kitchen, workshop, ablutions and all my service staff.

Travelling in moderate comfort, we set off in August. We were not to return until September 2022.
(Editor's note: He left right at the end of August; in total we were only rid of him for 3 days.)

Upon arrival, we discovered the existing AWS buried. I can't fathom why the last group buried it so deeply. Did they not realise the solar panels are much less efficient if left half under snow?

I set my assistants to work. First, erecting the new AWS to my specifications. Then I had them knock down and salvage what they could from the old one.

They did an adequate job; I returned triumphant.

-Jadon Clews, the ever-modest Met Tech