Tales from the kitchen and beyond

What is a Super Slushie?

Rachel, Petra, Claire and Kate are names at Casey station that you hear called out often, for a variety of reasons, with varying degrees of urgency and with a myriad of intonations. We are the four Station Support Officers this season and we are affectionately known as ‘Super Slushies’. It is a brand new role, this being the inaugural year.

“Petra, can you please weigh out the rugbrot bread ingredients and feed the sourdough pidge?”

“Rachel, are you right to take a group out boating tomorrow afternoon?”

“Claire, for the Saturday night dinner can you do the table order and teach the Winterers to be waiters?”

“Rach, we’ve run out of apples can you please run to the reefer and grab some?”

“Kate, can you jump in the ute and drive to the green store and grab two more boxes of bacon?”

“Petra, what cookies are you making today? Go easy on the choc chips this is the last box before we have to fork lift another one down from storage.”

“Claire, do you know where the Elvis costume is?”

“Kate, you’re talking again….dishes, lots of them!”

“Petra, what time is your origami crane making session tonight?”

“Rachel, can you please send some scones out to Bunger Hills and I think they need more coffee too?”

“Kate, could you please drive the Terra Bus up to Wilkins runway?”

“Claire, you’re on fire team training this Wednesday at 10.00am”

“Kate, grab the beans and put them in the Bain Marie…Kate stop talking and grab them out of the oven!”

“Petra, can you please fry these hash browns?”

“Kate, can you please do a ski loop induction?”

“Claire, how do you actually fold a fitted sheet neatly…how exactly?!”

“Rach, you’re on fire team 3 this week”

“Petra, how exactly do you look so serene in front of that mountain of dishes?”

“Kate, East Wing have run out of toilet paper!”

“Petra, can I wear your apron?”

“Claire, what playlist IS this?”

“Who is folding up this mountainous pile of tea towels?”

“Claire, can I please have one of your paintings?”

“Claire, how have you captured that particular blue in that iceberg…your painting is so stunning?”

“Petra, the milk jugs are empty again. Can you please milk the cow?”

“How many Tim Tams have people eaten this week?! Claire can you please grab another 2 boxes from the green store.”

“Kate, can you make new fire tags for the incoming crew?”

"Rach, could you please add the new crew to the Saturday duty roster and add their photos to the photo board?

“Is there any camembert, I can’t find any?”

“Rach, is this a good time to make some pizza dough? We’re heading out to Wilkes Hut tonight!”

“Chefs who needs coffee? Better question: who doesn’t need coffee?”

“Kate, can you show the new expeditioners to their rooms please?”

“Petra, where does this go?

“Rachel, where does this live?

“Claire, where does this come from?

“Kate, where do I put this?”

“Slushies, how ARE you doing?”

“The ute is here, full of food. This is your opportunity for an upper body strength workout. Can we please make a chain to bring it in. Yeah the food is totally covered in snow!”

Text message to the kitchen from one of us in the green store freezers: “I can’t find any pork shoulder. There’s boneless pork, pork ribs, pork crackling, pork chops, London pork sausages…"

“Super Slushie’s are leaving the building and are heading out to Robbo’s hut to celebrate an extraordinary season together. We may be some time!”

Thank-you to the entire Casey Station community. We adore you. What a summer!

- Kate Tucker, Station Support Officer.