Another challenge in an already challenging environment

Push-up Challenge 2023

After a summer spent lazing around the balmy waters of Casey station, and indulging in one seemingly unending feast, it was time to move past the ‘bulking up phase’ and onto coaxing some muscle back into existence! With that in mind, what better way to commence than to join the Push For Better push-up challenge, in support of mental health awareness, support, and treatment. The challenge is to complete 3,144 push-ups (or other exercises) over a 23 day period in June. The daily totals are varied to reflect statistics related to mental health in Australia, and further our awareness of just how big an issue this is.

Isolated from the world here at Casey, we are well aware of the potential impact on our mental well-being, and personnel have whole-heartedly supported the initiative with both teams and individual entries. The support provided by AAD to us here is excellent, and we have our own initiatives on station to provide support to each other when required. The challenges of the long dark hours, the isolated routine existence, and the remoteness from loved ones is at the forefront of our minds. With over two thirds of Casey joining in the challenge, and teams from all the Australian stations and head office in Kingston participating, the Program raised over $10,000 towards this vitally important field, and spurred on many conversations within our wintering family. The end figures from the event nationwide were absolutely staggering with 215,000 entrants, 312 million push-ups, and over $14 million raised for this cause.

Humour is such an important part of successfully navigating a long and challenging isolation like this, and there’s always some kind of shenanigans afoot here! Participating in the Push For Better event has provided us with a chance to capture push-ups in some pretty unique places, including under the Aurora Australis, in a blizzard, and while screeding grout in the tank house… the photos tell the story! Casey even made it onto the social media sites, and several news programs around the country with an entertaining little video.

With Midwinter's Day celebrated last week, we have now been here well over 6 months, and are on the downhill run… it’s going way too fast.

Bruce Dening

Met-tech, Casey station