When submissions are requested for our end of summer season charity auction, our expeditioners get creative....

A poem written for the auction was framed and performed, becoming the top selling item for the evening.

The Silence

The silence whispers to me, “take a moment now to rest.

Tend to your wounds, the war is done, I know you did your best.

I’ll not be here for long my friend, enjoy this while it lasts.

Find beauty in impermanence, you know this too shall pass.”

I embrace the pause with open arms, I’m grateful that it’s here.

Reflecting in this rare stillness makes everything so clear.

With demons fought and battles won, scar tissue has grown strong;

The fear retreats into the past, and here’s where I belong.

This game of life takes twists and turns, it isn’t often fair,

But presence is the secret, so where you are, be there.

Nobody wins this human race, win instead against ‘past you;’

Dance in your ashes as you rise, and to yourself, stay true.

The future is uncertain, so perspective is the gift.

Measure time in timeless moments and the heaviness will shift.

You’ll soon gather momentum, it may be hard to see,

But don’t let your thoughts betray you, you’ve survived it all; you’re free.

Sign up for the next chapter, steel yourself and go ‘all-in.’

Then wait with patience, confident, you’ll know when to begin.

Whilst listening intently, you’ll hear the words unspoken;

Then silence will return once more, and you’ll remain unbroken.

- Sean Menere 2023