Casey's Station Supply Officer tells of the C-17 operations in support of AAP Logistics.

A week of C-17s at Wilkins Aerodrome

Recent operations in support of Casey station saw three C-17’s land at Wilkins runway in one week, bringing in much needed cargo for our station, including a top up of fresh food supplies which is always a welcome highlight.

It was also a busy time prior to the flights arriving with people bringing in various items to the Greenstore to send back to Australia. This included all the science samples taken over the summer period, expeditioner’s personal effects to send back home as well as equipment no longer required on station.

Also departing on the last C-17 was 33 of our remaining summer crew. I was lucky enough to head up to Wilkins and got to say my goodbyes up there.

I was even luckier to head down onto the runway once the C-17 landed and watch the unloading and loading of all our cargo. Most particular attention was paid to our MYIC samples. These were packed in specially made battery charged freezer boxes set to -20 deg C. The samples were transported from remote field camp, to Casey station, to Wilkins runway, then loaded onto the C-17 and flown to Hobart. They were then unloaded and taken to our biosecurity centre, all the while maintaining their frozen temperature. A big sigh of relief when everything went according to plan and the ice cores did not turn to water. A successful journey!

Time out was taken for some happy snaps around the aircraft and some video footage of the C-17 take-off and landing. We were treated to a fly over of Wilkins aerodrome, and a wiggle of the wings from the pilot to say goodbye to the summer season, until they see us again in November.

Andrea Tolle

Casey Station Supply Officer