Changing of the guard

2020-21 summer season officially commences

Welcome to the first station update from the Casey 74th ANARE team!

The first contingent of the 74th ANARE team arrived at Casey on 9 November, touching down at Wilkins Aerodrome on the first A319 Airbus flight for the season.

What followed was a busy week of job handover and station familiarisation with the existing Casey Station team, culminating in the station handover and send-off on Monday 16 November. To that end, congratulations to outgoing Station Leader Ali Dean and the 73rd ANARE team on a great season and a seamless handover.

This transition marked the official commencement of 2020 Casey Station summer program. This summer will feature over 60 expeditioners at Casey, where our focus will include critical station infrastructure works, science project support, and continued operational support for our intercontinental aviation supply chain. Indeed, this week alone saw the arrival of three Australian Defence Force C17 Globemaster aircraft, delivering critical cargo and future generation traverse tractors.

We look forward to sharing our Casey experiences with you across the summer.

Kyle - Station Leader