Some really big news - we've welcomed two plane loads of people to station - and seen seals....

A new season means new arrivals

Yes, it was this week. Our long awaited first plane of the season finally got to land on the runway, perfectly prepared by the Wilkins wintering team.

Then another perfect day later and a second plane brought twenty more expeditoners down for the season. We've gone from 23 on station to 45, although not in the usual way. This time with social distancing rules in place we have maintained our distance, greeting old friends from afar and meeting new those new to Antarctica.

It was a bitter sweet occasion too, with five of our winter team also leaving on the first plane.

There are seals - you just have to know where to look

The seals are here!

After claiming a few weeks back that there weren't any seals around this year - we went out again and look what we saw!