We prepare for the first plane and an expeditioner waxes lyrical

Saturday looks alright

As the date for the first flight approaches we at Casey prepare with mixed emotions. Then there are the practicalities.

Around station, bags are being packed - and then packed again. Our Station Supply Officer for the winter Flynn (also our Field Training Officer), has been busy packing L-pallets for our first C17 cargo flight next week.

Ode to an expeditioner

Antarctica is a continent where almost everything is free

Whilst it’s not the case for everyone it seems to be for me

While days are filled with activities that benefit a cause

The night sees many activities that bring regular applause

Our crew are simply awesome at most everything they do

Still can’t believe the scenery, it’s pink, grey, white and blue

Everyone has a job to do and we help each other out

While in the hydroponics lab things always seem to sprout

The brewery is a part of town that sees a regular crew

Bring life to hops and sugar and yeast to turn into something new

Our gyms are usually filled with people all and sundry

How I ended up being one of them leaves me in a quandary

At times some of us experiment on ivory, strings and percussion

Though sometimes it would be easier if we actually had a lesson

With all these things and more to do seems we wouldn’t fit the time in

To enjoy the huts, the birds the seals and don’t forget the penguins

This “Ode to an expeditioner” is only part of the full equation

But when you read this maybe you will understand what it’s like to be “on station”

Peter Mackle, Casey Electrician