The Australian Antarctic Science Council (AASC) has responsibility for developing, updating, oversighting and reporting on the Decadal Plan for Australian Antarctic Science. The Decadal Plan is being co-designed by all major Australian Antarctic Science Program research partner organisations under the leadership of the AASC Executive Officer and Australian Antarctic Division Chief Scientist. There is additional input from the wider national and international science community.


The purpose of the Decadal Plan is to establish an integrated and collaborative Australian Antarctic Science Program. The Program will deliver world class Antarctic and Southern Ocean science and reinforce our leadership in environmental stewardship. The Decadal Plan is designed to deliver on Australia’s national interests outlined in the 2016 Australian Antarctic Strategy and 20 Year Action Plan and its 2022 update.


The Decadal Plan will define and direct the efforts of all Australian Antarctic Science Program participants. This will ensure the Program delivers on key Government policy and international obligations, science and management outcomes, including through scientific research, long-term monitoring, data collection and analysis, development of digital infrastructure for data accessibility, and program evaluation and prioritisation.

The Decadal Plan will give practical effect to and implement the Australian Antarctic Science Strategic Plan by:

  • articulating the priority science questions and policy needs to be addressed by Government supported research over the next 10 years
  • identifying the research programs that will be conducted to address these priorities
  • assessing the existing and required capabilities to address these priorities, identifying any gaps, and developing plans to fill these gaps; and setting out agreed deliverables, timelines, performance measures and responsibilities


Contact the Australian Antarctic Science Council at aasc@aad.gov.au