Key recommendations of the 2021 O’Kane Review aimed at accelerating the delivery of world-class science by the AAD’s Science Branch and strengthening the AAP as a world-leading national Antarctic program include:

  • Formal adoption of a unifying narrative that the AAD’s purpose is to “Build comprehensive knowledge of East Antarctica and its ecosystems to inform our Antarctic stewardship and enhance our understanding of climate change.”
  • Collaborative development of a Decadal Plan to define and direct the efforts of all AAP participants in support of this narrative
  • Development of an Integrated Digital East Antarctica initiative
  • Development of a long-term East Antarctic Monitoring Program
  • Formalisation and re-focusing of the AAD Science Branch’s policy and science delivery roles.

The AAD has accepted all of the recommendations PDF of the independent expert review and will be working collaboratively with AASP partners to implement them.

View a full copy of the independent expert review report PDF

Please note that while the AAD has accepted the recommendations in the report, the wording and content of the full report is the work of the independent expert review panel and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian Government.