The Independent Review of Workplace Culture and Change at the Australian Antarctic Division by organisational culture consultant Leigh Russell report was completed in March 2023.

The review was commissioned by Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water Secretary David Fredericks to provide a comprehensive analysis of the division’s culture, progress towards cultural change and recommendations to build a foundation for cultural change over the months and years ahead.

Ms Russell was able to draw on the experiences of a great number of contributors. More than 40% of the division’s staff contributed to the review through the survey, interviews or written submissions.

All the review’s findings have been accepted by the department.

The division and the department are actively working to implement all recommendations from the review. Priority is being given to building leadership capability and training for all staff.

There are 5 main themes from the review:

  • A commitment from leadership to a culture that enables the mission.
  • Ensuring everyone is safe and supported.
  • Building awareness and practical skills.
  • Working together to deliver results.
  • Measurements and continuous improvement.

You can read the report in full PDF and the department’s response PDF.

There have been immediate changes made to how work is done at the division and there are longer-term actions to build to.

Each quarter, an update will be developed to track the progress of the response to the Russell Review.

The quarterly dashboard keeps the work and actions that are being done accountable, trackable and available for the whole Division.

Further infomation can be found on the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water’s website