The Australian Antarctic Science Strategic Plan has set the vision and direction for the Australian Antarctic Science Program, and this, combined with substantial recent Government investment in logistics capabilities and Antarctic research partnerships, has created a need to refine the Program scope and delivery.

The changes relate to three key areas:

In response to the recommendations of the 2021 O’Kane Review, the Australian Antarctic Division has formally asserted that “Science is the central driver of all its activities” and has adopted as its unifying narrative that its purpose is “Building comprehensive knowledge of East Antarctica and its ecosystems to inform our Antarctic stewardship and enhance our understanding of climate change”.

The collaborative development and implementation of a Decadal Plan will define and direct the efforts of all Australian Antarctic Program participants in delivering a coherent, effective, high impact and scientifically excellent Antarctic science program in support of this narrative.

The Plan will identify key capabilities and the timeline required to address the highest priority scientific questions in support of Australia’s national interests in Antarctica.