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Science Tender to RSV Nuyina

A dedicated science tender adds an additional research capability that works independently or together with the Nuyina’s scientific systems.

The vessel has its own state-of-the-art equipment for marine and geoscience work in open water and ice. This includes a sound velocity profiler for oceanographic work and moon pool for the deployment of instruments through the hull. It has a multibeam bathymetric echo sounder to map the sea floor, including in shallow uncharted areas where it could be dangerous to sail Nuyina.

The tender can also tow scientific equipment and small trawl nets, and its small crane (known as a side davit) can launch scientific instruments over the side.

The 10.3 metre-long, 3.5 metre-wide vessel even has a few modern conveniences, including a heater, defroster, sink and toilet. It is operated by two crew and accommodates up to six personnel and 500 kilograms of cargo.

Science Tender Specifications

Survey: AMSA NSCV 2C

Length overall: 10.32 metres

Maximum beam: 3.5 metres

Maximum draught: 0.9 metres

Light ship/displacement: 7, 500 kilograms (approx.)

Cargo: 500 kilograms

Cruising speed fully loaded: 20+ knots

Range: 150 nautical miles at cruising speed

Working Deck and Fittings: 12 x flush type tie downs for 500 kilograms of cargo

Hydraulic A frame: 500 kilograms Safe Working Load (SWL)

Science winch: 200 metres of wire; 500 kilograms SWL

Davit: side deployments up to 350 kilograms SWL

Moon Pool: opening ≈ 0.47 x 0.6 metres; arranged with detachable and bolted deployment system; operated by side boom/davit

Moon Pool acoustic sensors: configurable for specialised sensors including: sub bottom profiler; biological echosounder; multi beam echosounder; sound velocity profiler

Cabin Science Station: x 2 computer stations at bench with seating & dedicated racking for computer equipment; DC/ AC power supply

Complement: 2 crew & 4 passengers – all seated

Facilities: heating; defrost; fresh water; seawater flushing toilet

An orange boat with crew inside being launched by davit crane from an icebreaker ship in Antarctica. Calm waters, blue skies, and the Antarctic continent in the background.
The science tender can be safely launched and retrieved with a full complement of crew and scientists onboard ready for research operations. Photo: Pete Harmsen
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